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AS2702 AS-Interface Slave IC

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AS2702 AS-Interface Slave IC


AS2702 SAP4.1 is a new generation AS-Interface slave device, which supports AS-Interface bus systems with up to 62 slave modules.

Each slave module is equipped with an AS2702 device, which interfaces the module to the unshielded 2-wire ASInterface bus for serial bidirectional data communication and power extraction.

Data communication over the AS-Interface takes place in master slave fashion, which foresees that all slave devices AS2702 connected to the bus are sequentially and cyclicly addressed by a single, central master unit. Data on the ASInterface bus are Manchester encoded and can be found as sin2-pulses with a Vpp of between 3V and 8V on top of the bus’ dc voltage of nominally 30V.

AS2702 regulates the nominal dc bus voltage of 30V internally down to 5V to supply it’s internal circuitry including a 16 x 8 bits EEPROM, as well as down to a nominal supply level 24V with a max. loading of 35mA for the actuators and sensors connected to it at the field side.

Each slave device AS2702 may interface to up to 4 sensors or 3 actuators. An AS-Interface bus system based on AS2702 may hence link as many as 248 sensors and 186 actuators to a single master unit.

Slave device AS2702 SAP4.1 is system compatible with predecessor device AS2701A ISA3+ slave modules equipped with AS2702 SAP4.1 will run in existing AS-Interface bus systems based on AS2701A ISA3+ .

The AS-Interface concept is well established as a standardized digital bus system for industrial automation.

Key Features
• Interface device to connect actuators and sensors to an AS-Interface bus
• Flexible system solution offering 2 package options SOIC 20 for full functionality SOIC 16 for applications not requiring the parameter port
• DC power extraction from the AS-Interface bus
• Serial bidir. data communication with the bus
• Data communication watchdog
• 4-bit bidir. data port plus strobe to poll the sensors and
control the actuators connected
• 4-bit parameter port plus strobe to provide settings to
the sensors and actuators
• 24V power supply for the sensors and actuators
• Periphery fault input to signal hardware failure of the
sensors and actuators
• Integrated 16 x 8 bit EEPROM to store 5 + 1 -bit slave
address and settings
• 2 LED outputs to optically flag slave unit operation
• Operating temperature Ta:
- 25°C + 85°C
• Operating supply voltage/bus DC voltage:
typ. 30V
• Operating current Osc. on, outputs idle :
• Supply for sensors/actuators:
typ. 24V, 35mA

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AS2702 AS-Interface Slave IC

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AS2702-20T AS2702-16T AS2702-20 AS2702-16


SOIC 20 delivery tape & reel SOIC 16W delivery tape & reel no parameter port available SOIC 20 delivery tubes SOIC 16W delivery tubes no parameter port available

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AS2702 AS-Interface Slave IC

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