FW1824-760F Datasheet

FW18 Series 18 Watts Switch Mode Power Supply

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FW1824-760F FW1824-760F FW1824-760F (pdf)
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FW18 Series 18 Watts Switch Mode Power Supply

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As a Global Supplier of Power Supplies, we are committed to meeting energy efficiency standards around the world. That is why we have partnered with the ENERGY Program and engineer our Elpac Power SystemsTM to meet strict energy-efficiency guidelines established by the EPA and the US Department of Energy DOE . The Energy Star program has developed International partnerships with countries and organizations in major global markets. Those participating in the program include Australia, Canada, European Union, European Free Trade Association, Japan, New Zealand, and Taiwan.

Furthering our International commitment, we have signed the EU Code of Conduct on Efficiency of External Power Supplies. Our Elpac Power SystemsTM FW18 series meets the efficiency standards of the International ENERGY program and the EU Code of Conduct.
5-Year LIMITED warranty*

High Efficiency Fully Regulated DC Output Lifetime Expectation >5 years Hold-up Time >20ms at full load Safety Approval - EN60950-1 Class I ENERGY STAR Level V RoHS Compliant


Input Voltage Input Frequency
85 264VAC 100 240VAC Nominal
47 63Hz


Output Voltage Total Regulation

See Table +/-5%

Input Current
<0.5A rms

Minimum Load

No minimum load required

Inrush Current
<37A at 230VAC cold start

Start-Up Delay

Zero Load Power Consumption

Hold-Up Time
>20ms at any input voltage

Touch Current/ Leakage Current
<200µA 132VAC 60Hz <350µA 264VAC 60Hz

Ripple & Noise Over Voltage Protection
<1% pk-pk ** 110 135%

Over Temperature Protection

Active - Recoverable plus Passive - Non Recoverable

Over Current Protection
120 180%

Short Circuit Protection

Shutdown, auto-restart hiccup mode

Notes *visit for complete details **Ripple and noise measured with 20MHz bandwidth 10µF tantalum capacitor in parallel with a 0.1µF ceramic capacitor.

FW18 Series 18 Watts Switch Mode Power Supply

Model Number

Output Voltage
Ordering Options Available Contact Factory

Without input cable

Floating output
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