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Li-Ion, NiMH Battery Measuring, Charge Balancing and Power-supply Circuit

● 12-bit battery-cell voltage measurement ● Simultaneous battery cells measurement in parallel ● Cell temperature measurement ● Charge Balancing Capability
● Parallel balancing of cells possible ● Integrated power supply for MCU ● Undervoltage detection ● Less than 10µA standby current ● Low cell imbalance current < 10µA ● Hot plug-in capable ● Interrupt timer for cycling MCU wake-ups ● Cost-efficient solution due to cost-optimized 30V CMOS technology ● Reliable communication between stacked ICs due to level shifters with current
sources and checksum monitoring of data ● Daisy-chainable
● Each IC monitors up to 6 battery cells ● 16 ICs 96 cells per string ● No limit on number of strings ● Package QFN48 7mm x7mm
● Battery measurement, supply and monitoring IC for Li-ion and NiMH battery systems in Electric EV and Hybrid Electrical HEV Vehicles
● Electrical and hybrid electrical vehicles ● Li-Ion batteries as 12V lead-acid battery replacement ● Ebike, scooters ● Uninterruptible power supply UPS ● Smart grid
● Cost reduction due to integrated measurement circuit and high voltage power-supply

The ATA6870N is a measurement and monitoring circuit designed for Li-ion and NiMH multicell battery stacks in hybrid electrical vehicles.

The Atmel ATA6870N monitors the battery-cell voltage and the battery-cell temperature with a 12-bit ADC.

The circuit also provides charge-balancing capability for each battery-cell.

In addition, a linear regulator is integrated to supply a microcontroller or other external components. Reliable communication between stacked ICs is achieved by level-shifters with current sources. The Atmel ATA6870N can be connected to three, four, five or six battery-cells. Up to 16 circuits 96 cells can be cascaded in one string. The number of strings is not limited.

Block Diagram

Figure Block Diagram

To ATA6870 above



Cell 6 Reference

ADC Cell Balancing





Cell 1 Reference

ADC Cell Balancing

Cell Temperature Measuring

Digital Level Shifter Test

Digital Level Shifter


Digital Level Shifter


Standby Control
3.3V Voltage Regulator
3.3V Internal Voltage Regulator

Internal Biasing

Interchip and

Microcontroller Communication

Ordering Information

Extended Type Number ATA6870N-PLPW ATA6870N-PLQW

Package Information

Top View D


Side View

Package QFN48, 7 x 7 QFN48, 7 x 7

MOQ 1,000 pieces 4,000 pieces
technical drawings according to DIN specifications

Dimensions in mm

Standard Singulation process

Bottom View D2
13 12
24 25
36 37 e

A 10:1

COMMON DIMENSIONS Unit of Measure = mm


Package Drawing Contact:

Package VQFN_7x7_48L Exposed pad 5.6x5.6


As a minimum, the devices will be marked with the following ● Date code year and week number ● part number ATA6870N

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