ELFH19210J Datasheet

ELFH HEADERS with Locking Ears

Part Datasheet
ELFH19210J ELFH19210J ELFH19210J (pdf)
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ELFH HEADERS with Locking Ears




ELFH Series headers mate with ELF Series plugs and accommodate competitive plugs as well. The headers are precision-molded from tough, stable PBT, providing additional strength and greater reliability under extreme conditions.

SMT Compatibility

ELF headers are available in ultra-high-temperature, glass-filled polyamide, capable of withstanding temperatures of 260°C for three minutes while undergoing SMT reflow soldering. This eliminates the need for a separate header wave soldering operation if SMT is being employed in the board manufacturing process. See page 26 for instructions on how to order. Note Available in black only.

Accessories Polarizing keys and marking labels. See page

Locking and Mounting Ears

Integrally molded locking ears are available with all ELFH headers. A threaded insert in the header ear is engaged by a plug mounting screw, which is tightened after plug and header are mated, securing the connection. Note locking ears add a contact position per side to header length.

An “E” is added to the catalog number to specify locking ears.

Locking ears can also be used as mounting ears to secure the header to printed circuit boards or chassis, and are available as well with blank through-holes in the “vertical” orientation for custom mounting.

Gold Plating Indicate “1” as the last digit of catalog no. for black parts “1G” in the last position for green parts. Consult PCD for assistance with locking-ear headers.

Marking See page

Catalog # Pos Black

Catalog # L

Catalog #

Green mm Pos Black

Catalog # L Green mm
2 ELFH02110E ELFH0211GE 20 2 ELFH02150E ELFH0215GE 20
3 ELFH03110E ELFH0311GE 25 3 ELFH03150E ELFH0315GE 25
4 ELFH04110E ELFH0411GE 30 4 ELFH04150E ELFH0415GE 30
5 ELFH05110E ELFH0511GE 35 5 ELFH05150E ELFH0515GE 35
6 ELFH06110E ELFH0611GE 40 6 ELFH06150E ELFH0615GE 40
7 ELFH07110E ELFH0711GE 45 7 ELFH07150E ELFH0715GE 45
8 ELFH08110E ELFH0811GE 50 8 ELFH08150E ELFH0815GE 50
9 ELFH09110E ELFH0911GE 55 9 ELFH09150E ELFH0915GE 55
10 ELFH10110E ELFH1011GE 60 10 ELFH10150E ELFH1015GE 60
11 ELFH11110E ELFH1111GE 65 11 ELFH11150E ELFH1115GE 65
12 ELFH12110E ELFH1211GE 70 12 ELFH12150E ELFH1215GE 70
13 ELFH13110E ELFH1311GE 75 13 ELFH13150E ELFH1315GE 75
14 ELFH14110E ELFH1411GE 80 14 ELFH14150E ELFH1415GE 80
15 ELFH15110E ELFH1511GE 85 15 ELFH15150E ELFH1515GE 85
16 ELFH16110E ELFH1611GE 90 16 ELFH16150E ELFH1615GE 90
17 ELFH17110E ELFH1711GE 95 17 ELFH17150E ELFH1715GE 95
18 ELFH18110E ELFH1811GE 100 18 ELFH18150E ELFH1815GE 100
19 ELFH19110E ELFH1911GE 105 19 ELFH19150E ELFH1915GE 105
20 ELFH20110E ELFH2011GE 110 20 ELFH20150E ELFH2015GE 110
21 ELFH21110E ELFH2111GE 115 21 ELFH21150E ELFH2115GE 115
22 ELFH22110E ELFH2211GE 120 22 ELFH22150E ELFH2215GE 120
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