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Ferrites and Accessories

Ring Cores

Ring cores with the new blue epoxy coating from Siemens Matsushita Components

Ring Cores

Ring cores are firmly established in a large variety of advanced equipment and systems in electrical and electronic engineering. In telecommunications they are found in interface transformers for ISDN applications and in chokes for data and signal lines. EMC solutions with input and output chokes in switch-mode power supplies are just as dependent on ring cores as the filters of frequency converters used in electric drives for traction applications and elevators. Lighting engineering needs them too ring cores in drive transformers for power transistors in electronic ballasts have long been state of the art.

Core point benefits that pay off Ring cores offer exceptional advantages compared to other types of core, advantages that are indispensable for special requirements. They include in particular high inductance for small space needs, low parasitic capacitance and because of the smaller number of turns the low ohmic resistance of chokes and transformers. A further benefit is that ring cores have low magnetic leakage.

New coating made to measure We offer a wide selection of uncoated and coated ring cores. The type of coating depends on the materials used in different size categories. We work with the following variants parylene Galxyl is used for small diameter < 10 mm ring cores, polyamide is the material for ring core diameters from 4 to 30 mm. For ring cores of larger diameters and those of high-permeablility materials e.g. T46 , we have a new development called blue epoxy coating. This is an electrostatically deposited powder coating exhibiting decisive advantages compared to conventional polyamide coating ● No drop in AL unlike uncoated cores of high-permeability materials T38 and T46 ● Much higher voltage strength ● Noticeably higher mechanical strength ● Substantially higher temperature resistance up to 200 °C

In future we will make general use of the advantages of epoxy coating for all cores 30 mm in diameter. It will also be offered as a special coating for cores of other diameters.

For further information contact the Siemens office near you or write us at Siemens Matsushita Components GmbH & Co. KG Marketing Kommunikation Postfach 801709 D-81617 München Internet:

Siemens Matsushita Components

Ring Cores
● Our product line includes a wide range of ring cores with finely graded diameters ranging from 2,5 to 200 mm see overview of available types . Other core heights can be supplied on request. All cores are available in the usual materials. Ring cores are available in different coating versions, thus offering the appropriate solution for every application. The coating not only offers protection for the edges but also provides an insulation function.

The following test setup is used to test the dielectric strength of the insulating coating A copper ring is pressed to the top edge of the ring. It touches the ferrite ring at the edges see diagram . The test duration is 2 seconds the test voltages specified in the table are minimum values:

Ferrite ring Metal poles

Core size



R 4 thru R 10
1,0 kV

R 12,5 thru R 20 1,5 kV
> R 20
2,0 kV

For cores with high permeability, increased spread of the AL values of several percent must be expected due to the polyamide coating K version . This effect can be avoided by using an epoxy resin coating L version .

For small ring cores, we have introduced a parylene coating Galxyl which features a low coating thickness and high dielectric strength.
● Ring cores are used primarily for pulse and broadband transformers, baluns and chokes. Owing to the magnetically closed circuit, high flux densities can be achieved at small volume. Magnetic leakage is negligible.
● Ring cores are also increasingly used for power applications. Here, the typical values for amplitude permeability and power loss, as summarized in the section on SIFERRIT materials Data Book "Ferrites and Accessories", 1997 , are applicable to the special power materials.
● In the list of preferred types, the AL1min value measurement conditions 320 mT, 100 °C, 10 kHz is also specified for power applications, in addition to a limiting value for power loss under the relevant measurement conditions. This provides a guarantee of the minimum amplitude permeability.
● Characteristic data for cores not included among the preferred types are available on request.


● Uncoated ● Coated with polyamide thickness of coating approx. 0,2 to 0,4 mm ● Coated with parylene thickness of coating approx. 10 to 15 um,
standard coating for small cores R 4 ● Coated with epoxy resin thickness of coating approx. 0,15 to 0,3 mm,
coating for cores R 30
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Siemens Matsushita Components

Ring Cores

Application Ring cores to suppress line interference With the ever-increasing use of electrical and electronic equipment, it becomes increasingly important to be able to ensure that all facilities will operate simultaneously in the context of electromagnetic compatibility EMC without interfering with each others’ respective functions. The EMC legislation which came into force at the beginning of 1996 applies to all electrical and electronic products marketed in the EU, both new and existing ones. So the latter may have to be modified so that they are neither susceptible to electromagnetic interference, nor emit spurious radiation. Ferrite cores are ideally suited for this purpose since they are able to suppress interference over a wide frequency range. At frequencies above 1 MHz, ferrite rings slipped over a conductor lead to an increase in the impedance of this conductor. The real component of this impedance absorbs the interference energy. A ferrite suitability for suppressing interference within a specific frequency spectrum depends on its magnetic properties, which vary with frequency. Before the right material can be selected, the impedance lZl must be known as a function of frequency. The curve of impedance as a function frequency is characterized by the sharp increase in loss at resonance frequency.

Measurement results The measurements shown here were made at room temperature 23 ± 3 °C using an HP 4191A RF impedance analyzer with a flux density of B 1 mT. The maximum of the impedance curve shifts to lower frequencies as the number of turns increases this is due to the capacitive effect of the turns figure 1, using R25/15 as an example .

Figure 1

For direct comparison of the typical suppression characteristics of differenct ferrite materials, the impedance curves were normalized using the equation lZ l n = lZ l / N 2 x le / Ae the geometry factor was calculated on the basis of the core dimensions figure These normalized impedance curves are guide values, mostly measured using ring core R 10 with a number of turns N = 1 wire diameter 0,7 mm they may vary slightly, depending on the geometry.

Siemens Matsushita Components

Ring Cores

Figure 2 6

Siemens Matsushita Components

Ring Cores

Ring cores are also available in split versions, which can easily be clipped onto cables. The residual air gap inevitable in the reassembled ferrite ring affects its impedance characteristic only slightly in the upper frequency range figure 3, using R25/15 as an example .

Integral core Split core

Figure 3 The residual air gap has a positive effect on performance with dc biasing because magnetic saturation is not reached until higher signal levels figure 4, using R25/15 as an example .

Split core Integral core

Figure 4

Siemens Matsushita Components

Ring Cores

Overview of available types


R 2,5 R 3,0 R 3,9 R 3,9/2 R 4,0 R 5,8 R 5,8/3 R 6,3 R 9,5/2 R 9,5 R 10 R 12,5 R 13,3 R 14 R 15

2,5 ± 0,12 1,5 ± 0,1
3,05 ± 0,2 1,27 ± 0,2
3,94 ±0,12 2,24 ±0,12
3,94 ±0,12 2,24 ±0,12
4,0 ± 0,12 2,4 ± 0,12 4,5 max 1,9 min
5,84 ±0,12 3,05 ±0,12 6,36 max 2,53 min
5,84 ±0,12 3,05 ±0,12 6,36 max 2,53 min
6,3 ± 0,15 3,8 ± 0,12 7,25 max 2,85 min
9,53 ±0,19 4,75 ±0,12 10,5 max 3,8 min
9,53 ±0,19 4,75 ±0,12 10,5 max 3,8 min
10,0 ± 0,2 6,0 ± 0,15 11,0 max 5,05 min
12,5 ± 0,3 7,5 ± 0,2 13,6 max 6,5 min
13,3 ± 0,3 8,3 ± 0,3 14,4 max 7,2 min
14,0 ± 0,3 9,0 ± 0,25 15,1 max 7,95 min
15,0 ± 0,5 10,4 ± 0,4 16,3 max 9,2 min
h1 mm
1,0 ± 0,1,27 ± 0,2 1,3 ± 0,12 2,0 ± 0,12 1,6 ± 0,1 2,1 max
Ordering code

-P35-X830 -A35-X38 -P35-X38
-A36-X1 -A36-X33 -K36-X830 -A36-X38 -P36-X38 -A36-X46
< 6 mW 50 mT/500 kHz/100°C
-A37-X1 -K37-X33 -K37-X49
-A37-X830 -K37-X830 -A37-X38 -K37-X38
< 23 mW 50 mT/500 kHz/100°C
-A38-X1 -K38-X33 -K38-X49
-A38-X830 -K38-X830 -K38-X38
< 45 mW
50 mT/500 kHz/100°C
< 70 mW
200 mT/25 kHz/100°C
< 280 mW
200 mT/100 kHz/100°C

Pcs 40000
1000 3000 1000 3000 1500
500 1500
500 1500

Siemens Matsushita Components

Ring Cores



AL value nH
10 kHz, 25°C

AL1min nH 320 mT, N49 200 mT, 10 kHz, 100 °C

Power loss per core measurement conditions
Ordering PU code

B64290- Pcs
1 The preferred core types are available at short notice. Other cores on request.
2 Preliminary data

N 491 840 ± 25%
< 95 mW
50 mT/500 kHz/100°C

N27 1290 ± 25% 580
< 140 mW
200 mT/25 kHz/100°C

N67 1350 ± 25% 580
< 500 mW
200 mT/100 kHz/100°C

N30 2770 ± 25%

T35 3870 ± 25%

T35 3870 +25/-30%

T38 6440 ± 30%

T38 6440 +30/-40%
2000 1000 2000 1000 2000

R 20/7

N 27 1930 ± 25% 870

N 67 2030 ± 25% 870

N 30 N 30 T 35 T 35 T 38
4160 ± 25% 4160 ± 25% 5000 ± 25% 5000 +25/-30% 8500 +30/-40%
< 280 mW
-K632-X27 1000
200 mT/25 kHz/100°C
< 1,2 W
-K632-X67 1000
200 mT/100 kHz/100°C
Ordering PU code

B64290- Pcs
1 Preliminary data

N 27 2670 ± 25%

N 67 2810 ± 25%

R 58 R 100 R 140 R 200

N 30 N 30 N 30 N 30 N 30 N 30 N 30 N 30 N 30 N 30 N 30 N 30
5750 ± 25% 5750 ± 25% 7000 ± 25% 7000 ± 25% 5000 ± 25% 5000 ± 25% 8700 ± 25% 8700 ± 25% 5400 ± 25% 5500 ± 25% 6200 ± 25% 5500 ± 30%
< 1,6 W
-L674-X27 200
200 mT/25 kHz/100°C
< 5,9 W
200 mT/100 kHz/100°C
-A659-X830 80 -L659-X830
-A22-X830 192 -L22-X830
-A82-X830 64 -L82-X830
-L40-X830 90
-A84-X830 24
-A705-X830 4
-A711-X830 2

Siemens Matsushita Components

Ring Cores

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