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B57861S December 2010

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B57861S0104F040 B57861S0104F040 B57861S0104F040 (pdf)
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NTC thermistors for temperature measurement

Miniature sensors with bendable wires

Series/Type Date:

B57861S December 2010

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Temperature measurement Miniature sensors with bendable wires

Applications Temperature measurement

Features Short response time High measuring accuracy Tight B value tolerances available Epoxy resin encapsulation PTFE-insulated leads of silver-plated nickel wire, AWG 30 Different lead length available 50 mm and 350 mm UL approval E69802

Options Alternative lead lengths on request

Delivery mode Bulk

Dimensional drawings Length 50 mm
350 mm

Dimensions in mm

General technical data

Climatic category Max. power Resistance tolerance Rated temperature Dissipation factor Thermal cooling time constant Heat capacity

IEC 60068-1 at 25 °C
in air in air

P25 TR Cth
55/155/56 60 ±1, ±3, ±5 25 approx. approx. 15 approx.

B57861S S861
mW % °C mW/K s mJ/K

Please read Cautions and warnings and Important notes at the end of this document.

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Temperature measurement Miniature sensors with bendable wires

B57861S S861
Electrical specification and ordering codes

Component length No. of R/T

B25/100 K

B value tolerance = resistance tolerance = ±1%
5 k 50 10 k 50 30 k 50
8016 8018
3988 3964

B value tolerance = 1%, resistance tolerance = ±1%
10 k 350
3988 ±1%

B value tolerance = resistance tolerance = ±1%, ±3% or ±5%
2 k 50 3 k 50 5 k 50 10 k 50 30 k 50 k 50 100 k 50
1008 8016 8018 2901 2014
3560 ±1% 3988 ±1% 3988 ±1% 3988 ±1% 3964 ±1% 3760 ±1% 4540 ±1%
+ = Resistance tolerance

F = ±1% H = ±3% J = ±5%
Ordering code

B57861S0502F045 B57861S0103F045 B57861S0303F045


B57861S0202+040 B57861S0302+040 B57861S0502+040 B57861S0103+040 B57861S0303+040 B57861S0503+040 B57861S0104+040

Reliability data


Storage in dry heat

Storage in damp heat, steady state

Rapid temperature cycling

Long-term stability empirical value

Standard Test conditions

IEC 60068-2-2

IEC 60068-2-78

IEC 60068-2-14

Storage at upper category temperature T 155 °C t 1000 h

Temperature of air 40 °C Relative humidity of air 93% Duration 56 days

Lower test temperature °C Upper test temperature 155 °C Number of cycles 100

Temperature 70 °C t 10000 h
typical < 2%


No visible damage

No visible damage

No visible damage

No visible damage

Please read Cautions and warnings and Important notes at the end of this document.

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Temperature measurement Miniature sensors with bendable wires

B57861S S861

R/T characteristics

R/T No.

T °C

B25/100 = 3560 K

B25/100 = 4540 K

B25/100 = 3760 K

α %/K RT/R25
α %/K RT/R25
α %/K
To be replaced by a number in ordering Platzhalter für Zahl im Bestellnummern-
codes, type designations etc.
code oder für die Typenbezeichnung.

To be replaced by a letter.

Platzhalter für einen Buchstaben.

All dimensions are given in mm.

Alle Maße sind in mm angegeben.

The commas used in numerical values Verwendete Kommas in Zahlenwerten
denote decimal points.
bezeichnen Dezimalpunkte.

Please read Cautions and warnings and Important notes at the end of this document.

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Important notes

The following applies to all products named in this publication:

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We also point out that in individual cases, a malfunction of electronic components or failure before the end of their usual service life cannot be completely ruled out in the current state of the art, even if they are operated as specified. In customer applications requiring a very high level of operational safety and especially in customer applications in which the malfunction or failure of an electronic component could endanger human life or health e.g. in accident prevention or lifesaving systems , it must therefore be ensured by means of suitable design of the customer application or other action taken by the customer e.g. installation of protective circuitry or redundancy that no injury or damage is sustained by third parties in the event of malfunction or failure of an electronic component.

The warnings, cautions and product-specific notes must be observed. In order to satisfy certain technical requirements, some of the products described in this
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