1658-G41-00-P10-35A Datasheet

1658 single pole thermal circuit breaker

Part Datasheet
1658-G41-00-P10-35A 1658-G41-00-P10-35A 1658-G41-00-P10-35A (pdf)
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1658-G41-07-P10-10A 1658-G41-07-P10-10A 1658-G41-07-P10-10A
1658-G41-02-P10-20A 1658-G41-02-P10-20A 1658-G41-02-P10-20A
1658-G41-02-P10-25A 1658-G41-02-P10-25A 1658-G41-02-P10-25A
1658-G41-06-P10-25A 1658-G41-06-P10-25A 1658-G41-06-P10-25A
1658-G21-06-P10-25A 1658-G21-06-P10-25A 1658-G21-06-P10-25A
1658-G41-06-P13-20A 1658-G41-06-P13-20A 1658-G41-06-P13-20A
1658-G41-06-P13-10A 1658-G41-06-P13-10A 1658-G41-06-P13-10A
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1658-G41-04-P10-20A 1658-G41-04-P10-20A 1658-G41-04-P10-20A
1658-G41-02-P13-12A 1658-G41-02-P13-12A 1658-G41-02-P13-12A
1658-G41-04-P10-25A 1658-G41-04-P10-25A 1658-G41-04-P10-25A
1658-F01-00-S83-15A 1658-F01-00-S83-15A 1658-F01-00-S83-15A
1658-G41-00-S83-10A 1658-G41-00-S83-10A 1658-G41-00-S83-10A
1658-G41-00-S80-10A 1658-G41-00-S80-10A 1658-G41-00-S80-10A
1658-G41-00-P13-20A 1658-G41-00-P13-20A 1658-G41-00-P13-20A
1658-G21-02-S83-5A 1658-G21-02-S83-5A 1658-G21-02-S83-5A
1658-G41-09-P10-055800-10A 1658-G41-09-P10-055800-10A 1658-G41-09-P10-055800-10A
1658-F01-00-S83-20A 1658-F01-00-S83-20A 1658-F01-00-S83-20A
1658-G41-00-S83-25A 1658-G41-00-S83-25A 1658-G41-00-S83-25A
1658-G41-00-S80-25A 1658-G41-00-S80-25A 1658-G41-00-S80-25A
1658-G41-00-S80-20A 1658-G41-00-S80-20A 1658-G41-00-S80-20A
1658-G41-00-S83-20A 1658-G41-00-S83-20A 1658-G41-00-S83-20A
1658-G41-00-P13-12A 1658-G41-00-P13-12A 1658-G41-00-P13-12A
1658-G21-03-S80-15A 1658-G21-03-S80-15A 1658-G21-03-S80-15A
1658-G41-00-P13-10A 1658-G41-00-P13-10A 1658-G41-00-P13-10A
1658-G41-02-S83-15A 1658-G41-02-S83-15A 1658-G41-02-S83-15A
1658-G41-04-P10-15A 1658-G41-04-P10-15A 1658-G41-04-P10-15A
1658-G41-04-P10-5A 1658-G41-04-P10-5A 1658-G41-04-P10-5A
1658-G41-08-P10-20A 1658-G41-08-P10-20A 1658-G41-08-P10-20A
1658-G41-02-S80-15A 1658-G41-02-S80-15A 1658-G41-02-S80-15A
1658-G41-00-S80-15A 1658-G41-00-S80-15A 1658-G41-00-S80-15A
1658-G21-03-S83-15A 1658-G21-03-S83-15A 1658-G21-03-S83-15A
1658-G21-00-S83-055800-20A 1658-G21-00-S83-055800-20A 1658-G21-00-S83-055800-20A
1658-G41-00-P10-14A 1658-G41-00-P10-14A 1658-G41-00-P10-14A
1658-F01-00-P10-20A 1658-F01-00-P10-20A 1658-F01-00-P10-20A
1658-F01-00-P10-6A 1658-F01-00-P10-6A 1658-F01-00-P10-6A
1658-G41-00-P10-12A 1658-G41-00-P10-12A 1658-G41-00-P10-12A
1658-A21-00-P10-8A 1658-A21-00-P10-8A 1658-A21-00-P10-8A
1658-G41-00-P10-18A 1658-G41-00-P10-18A 1658-G41-00-P10-18A
1658-G41-00-P10-7A 1658-G41-00-P10-7A 1658-G41-00-P10-7A
1658-G41-00-P10-6A 1658-G41-00-P10-6A 1658-G41-00-P10-6A
1658-G41-00-P10-5A 1658-G41-00-P10-5A 1658-G41-00-P10-5A
1658-G41-00-P10-16A 1658-G41-00-P10-16A 1658-G41-00-P10-16A
1658-G41-00-P10-15A 1658-G41-00-P10-15A 1658-G41-00-P10-15A
1658-G41-00-P10-10A 1658-G41-00-P10-10A 1658-G41-00-P10-10A
1658-F01-00-P10-15A 1658-F01-00-P10-15A 1658-F01-00-P10-15A
1658-F01-00-P10-10A 1658-F01-00-P10-10A 1658-F01-00-P10-10A
1658-F01-00-P10-25A 1658-F01-00-P10-25A 1658-F01-00-P10-25A
1658-F01-00-P10-7A 1658-F01-00-P10-7A 1658-F01-00-P10-7A
1658-A21-00-P10-10A 1658-A21-00-P10-10A 1658-A21-00-P10-10A
1658-F01-00-P10-5A 1658-F01-00-P10-5A 1658-F01-00-P10-5A
1658-G41-01-P10-12A 1658-G41-01-P10-12A 1658-G41-01-P10-12A
1658-G41-01-P10-15A 1658-G41-01-P10-15A 1658-G41-01-P10-15A
1658-G41-01-P10-10A 1658-G41-01-P10-10A 1658-G41-01-P10-10A
1658-G41-01-P10-8A 1658-G41-01-P10-8A 1658-G41-01-P10-8A
1658-F01-00-P10-8A 1658-F01-00-P10-8A 1658-F01-00-P10-8A
1658-G41-06-P10-7A 1658-G41-06-P10-7A 1658-G41-06-P10-7A
1658-G41-00-P10-8A 1658-G41-00-P10-8A 1658-G41-00-P10-8A
1658-G41-06-P10-5A 1658-G41-06-P10-5A 1658-G41-06-P10-5A
1658-G41-02-P10-5A 1658-G41-02-P10-5A 1658-G41-02-P10-5A
1658-G41-08-P10-8A 1658-G41-08-P10-8A 1658-G41-08-P10-8A
1658-G41-08-P10-6A 1658-G41-08-P10-6A 1658-G41-08-P10-6A
1658-G41-06-P10-8A 1658-G41-06-P10-8A 1658-G41-06-P10-8A
1658-G41-01-P10-20A 1658-G41-01-P10-20A 1658-G41-01-P10-20A
1658-G41-00-P10-25A 1658-G41-00-P10-25A 1658-G41-00-P10-25A
1658-G41-00-P10-20A 1658-G41-00-P10-20A 1658-G41-00-P10-20A
1658-G41-09-P10-15A 1658-G41-09-P10-15A 1658-G41-09-P10-15A
1658-G41-02-P10-6A 1658-G41-02-P10-6A 1658-G41-02-P10-6A
1658-G41-02-P10-16A 1658-G41-02-P10-16A 1658-G41-02-P10-16A
1658-G41-02-P10-15A 1658-G41-02-P10-15A 1658-G41-02-P10-15A
1658-G41-02-P10-13A 1658-G41-02-P10-13A 1658-G41-02-P10-13A
1658-G41-02-P10-12A 1658-G41-02-P10-12A 1658-G41-02-P10-12A
1658-G41-02-P10-10A 1658-G41-02-P10-10A 1658-G41-02-P10-10A
1658-A21-00-P10-25A 1658-A21-00-P10-25A 1658-A21-00-P10-25A
1658-G41-02-P10-8A 1658-G41-02-P10-8A 1658-G41-02-P10-8A
1658-G41-02-P10-7A 1658-G41-02-P10-7A 1658-G41-02-P10-7A
PDF Datasheet Preview
Thermal Overcurrent Circuit Breaker

Very cost effective design to meet international requirements. No
exposed metal parts which are, or could become, current-carrying
except for terminals. R-type TO CBE to EN q Manual reset, cycling trip free mechanism q Extremely small and lightweight q UL, CSA, VDE and EN 60934 IEC 60934 approved

Battery chargers, consumer products, power supplies, motors.
Ordering information

Type No.
1658 single pole thermal circuit breaker

Threadneck design

G21 manual reset type, 3/8"-27 threadneck

G41 manual reset type, 7/16"-28 threadneck

E00 manual reset without threadneck

F01 snap-in type

F02 press to reset, snap-in type

A21 auto reset type, 3/8"-27 threadneck

A41 auto reset type, 7/16"-28 threadneck

A00 auto reset type, without threadneck

A01 auto reset, snap-in type

configuration hex nut knurled nut hex nut knurled nut
12 3/8-27 UNS 1 PAL 1 plastic
14 3/8-27 UNS
1 PAL 1 plastic
15 3/8-27 UNS
1 plastic 1 PAL
16 3/8-27 UNS
1 plastic
19 3/8-27 UNS
1 plastic
20 3/8-27 UNS
1 plastic


P10 blade terminals A6.3-0.8 QC

P13 blade terminals A6.3-0.8 QC 90°

S80 straight screw terminals*

S83 90° bent screw terminals*

Current ratings
5 30 A
1658 - G21 - 02 - P10 - 5 A Ordering example * Screws and lock washers bulk shipped

Standard current ratings and typical voltage drop values

Current rating A 5 6 7 8 9 10

Voltage drop mV 150 140

Current rating A 12 15 16 20 25 30

Voltage drop mV 140 240

Technical data

Voltage rating Current ratings Typical life Ambient temperature

Insulation co-ordination IEC 60664 and 60664 A

Dielectric strength IEC 60664 and 60664A
operating area Insulation resistance Interrupting capacity Icn Interrupting capacity UL 1077/EN 60934 PC1

Degree of protection IEC 60529/DIN 40050 Vibration





AC 240 V DC 28 V
1,000 operations at 2 x IN
°C °F , <8A max. +40 °C 104°F

Rated impulse Pollution
withstand voltage degree
reinforced insulation in operating area

Test voltage AC 3,000 V
> 100 DC 500 V
200 A

UN AC 240 V AC 120 V DC 28 V
2,000 A 2,000 A 2,000 A
operating area IP 40 terminal area IP 00
8 g 57-500 Hz mm 10-57 Hz , to IEC 60068-2-6, Test Fc,
10 frequency cycles/axis
30 g 11 ms to IEC 60068-2-27, test Ea
96 hours at 5 % salt mist, to IEC 60068-2-11, test Ka
240 hours at 95 % RH to IEC 60068-2-3, test Ca
approx. 16 g


Authority VDE EN 60934 UL, CSA

Voltage rating AC 240 V DC 28 V AC 250 V AC 240 V AC 120 V AC 125 V DC 28 V

Current ratings
All dimensions without tolerances are for reference only. In the interest of improved design, performance and cost effectiveness the right to make changes in these specifications without notice is reserved.Product markings may not be exactly as the ordering codes. Errors and omissions excepted.

Issue D
¤ ¤ USA 847 827-7600 - - CANADA 905 764-9510

Thermal Overcurrent Circuit Breaker


Installation drawing
operating area
mounting hole
3/8-27UNS-2A Tightening Torque= Nm
mounting hole
mounting area

Terminal design
blade terminals DIN 46244-A6.3-0.8 QC
terminal screw 6-32 UNC
lock washer

blade terminals DIN 46244-A6.3-0.8 QC angled 90°
lock washer
terminal screw 6-32 UNC
blade terminals DIN 46244-A6.3-0.8 QC
terminal screw 6-32 UNC
lock washer
7/16-28UNS-2A double “D”
See ordering information for mounting hardware

This is a metric design and millimeter dimensions take precedence mincmh
¤ ¤ USA 847 827-7600 - - CANADA 905 764-9510

Issue D

Thermal Overcurrent Circuit Breaker

Internal connection diagram

Typical time/current characteristics
10000 1000
+60 °C +140 °F +23 °C °F
-20 °C -4 °F

Trip time in seconds
4 6 8 10
times rated current

The time/current characteristic curve depends on the ambient temperature prevailing. In order to eliminate nuisance tripping, please multiply the circuit breaker current ratings by the derating factor shown below. See also section 9 Technical information.

Ambient temperature °F °C
-4 +14 +32 +104 +122 +140 -20 -10 0 +23 +40 +50 +60

Multiplication factor

Issue D
¤ ¤ USA 847 827-7600 - - CANADA 905 764-9510

Thermal Overcurrent Circuit Breaker


Mounting nut 3/8", 27-thread Mounting nut 7/16", 28-thread

Y306 671 01

Y303 200 01

Reset button seal for 3/8", 27-thread,

X201 285 01

X200 799 01

Knurled nut 3/8", 27-thread nickel-plated brass Y300 190 03

Knurled nut 7/16", 28-thread nickel-plated brass Y302 294 03
3/8-27 UNS-2B
3/8-27 UNS-2B

Reset button seal for 7/16", 28-thread,

X222 119 01

X222 119 02
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