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FireBeetle Covers-LoRa Radio 433MHz SKU:TEL0121

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FireBeetle Covers-LoRa Radio 433MHz SKU:TEL0121


FireBeetle Covers-LoRa Radio 433MHz SKU TEL0121 DFRobot FireBeetle IOT series are low power consumption controllers designed for Internet of Things IoT development. The FireBeetle series are aiming straight at the point fast and convenient low-power IoT building. There are three categories of FireBeetle series, containing Boards main control , Covers expansion boards and related Accessories. FireBeetle LoRa 433MHz wireless transmission module adopts a high-performance chip SX127x LoRa 433MHz and with built-in PA power amplifier gain, compatible with Aruino. It supports longrange monitor, FSK modulation and the maximum transmission rate is 300K[null bps]. It also supports LoRaTM, the maximum transmission rate is 37.5Kbps. The circuit current is even lower than 0.2uA in the low power mode. It can be widely used in remote home automation detection, health monitoring and wearable device and so on. NOTE All parameters related to wireless signals in the same network should maintain consistency to avoid communication problems.

• Operating Current 3.3V
• Operating Frequency 433MHz
• Modulation Type LoRaTM
• Output Power
• Receiving Sensitivity -139dBm
• Emersion Current
• Receiving Current
• Sleep Current
• Transmission Power Range -1dBm~20dBm Maximum
• Transmission Mode FIFO/ DMA
• Operating Frequency 403MHz~463MHz typical value 433MHz
• Transmission Range 1 Km
• Modulation Type LoRaTM /FSK /GFSK /OOK
• Built-in aerials offer good anti-jamming capacity
• The Maximum RSSI is 127dB
• FIFO Volume 256bytes
• Support CRC Frequency-hopping
• SPI Interface
• GPIO Interface 5 can be used as interruption
• Operating Temperature -20℃~+70℃
• Dimension 58 x 29 mm/ x inches

Board Overview

FireBeetle Covers-LoRa Radio 433MHz is main controlled via SPI interface MISO, MOSI, SCK, CS, RESET . Connect these pins to MISO, MOSI, SCK on FireBeetle board, connect CS chip-select and RESET to D2, D3, D4, D5 with Dupont wires.

Fig1 FireBeetle Covers-LoRa Radio 433MHz data control pins

NOTE When disconnect NC, VCC is the output voltage of the power supply USB power supply 5V, lithium battery power supply 3.7V


• Hardware
2 x ESP32 Board 1 x FireBeetle Covers-LoRa Radio 433MHz Some wire The default connection setting is to connect CS to D4, RESET to D2, you can also modify programs to connect pins to other IO interfaces with init pass parameters init uint8_t NSSPin = NSS_PIN, uint8_t NRESETPin = RESET_PIN .

• Software Arduino IDE Click to Download Arduino IDE from Connection
• Joint ESP32 board and LoRa module together
• Connect ESP32 board to PC via USB line

Sample Code

Click to download FireBeetle Covers-LoRa Radio 433MHz library first.
• Download the master program and the slave program to two ESP32 board respectively.
• The Slave program code
/*! * receiverTest.ino * DFRobot's received data * [Get the module here] * This example is receive. * [Connection and Diagram] * * 2016 * GNU Lesser General Public License * * [yangyang] * V1.0 * 2017-04-10 */
#include <DFRobot_LoRa.h>

DFRobot_LoRa lora;
uint8_t len uint8_t rxBuf[32];
void setup

Serial.begin 115200 ;
pinMode LED_BUILTIN, OUTPUT Serial.println "Receiver Test" ;
while !lora.init Serial.println "Starting LoRa failed!" delay 100 ;
lora.rxInit void loop
if lora.waitIrq // wait for RXDONE interrupt lora.clearIRQFlags len = lora.receivePackage rxBuf // receive data Serial.write rxBuf, len Serial.println lora.rxInit // wait for packet from master
// print RSSI of packet Serial.print "with RSSI " Serial.println lora.readRSSI ;
static uint8_t i = ~i digitalWrite LED_BUILTIN, i ;
• The Master program code
/*! * sendTest.ino * DFRobot's send data * [Get the module here] * This example is send. * [Connection and Diagram] * * 2016 * GNU Lesser General Public License * * [yangyang] * V1.0 * 2017-04-10 */
#include <DFRobot_LoRa.h>

DFRobot_LoRa lora;
uint8_t counter = 0 uint8_t sendBuf[] = "HelloWorld!";
/* The default pin:


RST:D2 If you are using the FireBeetle Board-ESP8266 motherbo
ard controller, the RST defaults to D3
void setup

Serial.begin 115200 ;
while !lora.init
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