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LED String Lights Colorful SKU DFR0439

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LED String Lights Colorful SKU DFR0439


These LED string lights are composed of a series of LEDs that have a colorful glow. They can be used as decorations and for other interesting applications. Use them as outdoor string lights, string lights in your bedroom, on your patio or on a globe. There are many applications, what can you think of?

Note Use the provided adapter to power the string to avoid risk of damage.

• Operating Voltage - 5V Recommended
• LED Length 4 meters / 40 LEDs
• Adapter Board Dimensions 30 x 22 mm / x "

Board Overview



Description Input Signal Power + Power -


In this section, we'll tell you how to use the LED module

• Hardware DFRduino UNO or similar x 1 LED String x 1 M-M/F-M/F-F Jumper wires
• Software Arduino IDE Click to Download Arduino IDE from

Connection Diagram

Sample Code
1 2 * LED String Lights 3 * 4 * Control a String Light to fade in and out 5 6 * 7 * V1.0 8 * 2016-5-26 9 * All above must be included in any redistribution 10 * 11 int t 12 #define Light_string 3 13 void setup 14 15 pinMode Light_string, OUTPUT 16 17 void loop 18 19 for t=5;t<255;t++ // turn the Light string on HIGH is the volta ge level little and little. 20
analogWrite Light_string, t ;
delay 10 ;
25 if t>=255
// turn the Light string off HIGH is the volta
ge level little and little.
for t==255;t>5;t--
analogWrite Light_string, t ;
delay 10 ;

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