ACPM-7833-BLK Datasheet

ACPM-7833 CDMA1900 PCS Power Amplifier Module

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ACPM-7833-BLK ACPM-7833-BLK ACPM-7833-BLK (pdf)
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ACPM-7833 CDMA1900 PCS Power Amplifier Module

Data Sheet

The ACPM-7833 is a fully matched CDMA Power amplifier module. Designed around Avago Technologies’ new Enhancement Mode pHEMT process, the ACPM-7833 offers premium performance in a very small form factor. Fully matched to 50 Ohms on the input and output.

The amplifier has excellent ACPR and efficiency performance at max Pout and low quiescent current with a single bias control voltage. For even lower quiescent current, a dynamic bias control circuit can be used by varying the voltage on the Vcntl pin between 1.2V to 2.5V.

Designed in a surface mount RF package, the ACPM7833 is cost and size competitive.

The ACPM-7833 is another key component of the Avago Technologies CDMAdvantage RF chipset.
• Operating frequency 1910 MHz
• dBm linear output power 3.4V
• High efficiency 40% PAE
• Dynamic bias control for low midpower Idd
• Very low quiescent current with single control
• Internal 50 ohm matching networks for both RF IN/

• 4.2V linear operation
• cdma2000 1xRTT capable
• Only 3 SMT parts needed
• x mm SMT package
• CDMA handsets
• Datacards
• PDAs


Power Input Match



Bias Circuit On Chip

Inter-stage Match


Passive Output Match



Single control bias setting for low Idq and 40% PAE at Pout = dBm

Maximum Ratings[1]




Vdd Supply Voltage

Power Dissipation [2]

Bias Current

Control Voltage Vcntl

Amplifier Input RF Power
10 dBm

Junction Temperature

Storage Temperature case temperature

Notes Operation of this device in excess of any of these limits may cause permanent damage. Tcase = 25°C

Thermal Resistance[2] = 22.3°C/W

Recommended operating range of Vdd = to V, Ta = -30 to +85°C

Package Marking and Dimensions

Agilent ACPM-7833
Ordering Information

Part Number ACPM-7833-BLK ACPM-7833-TR1

No. of Devices 10 1000

Tape Dimensions and Orientation
± ±

Notes Measured from centerline of sprocket hole to centerline of pocket Cumulative tolerance of 10 sprocket holes is mm All dimensions in millimeters unless otherwise stated.

Container Bulk 7” Tape and Reel
± ±

Agilent ACPM-7833


Reel Drawing


Shading indicates thru slots
25 min wide ref Slot for carrier tape insertion for attachment to reel hub 2 places 180 apart

50 min.

NOTES Reel shall be labeled with the following
information as a minimum . a. manufacturers name or symbol b. Avago Technologies part number c. purchase order number d. date code e. quantity of units A certificate of compliance c of c shall be issued and accompany each shipment of product. Reel must not be made with or contain ozone depleting materials. All dimensions in millimeters mm

Application Information

The following material is presented to assist in general design and use of the APCM-7833.
• 3.0V Characterization, for use in Data Card Applications
• cdma2000 1XRTT Description and Characterization data
• Design tips on various methods to control the bias on Vcntl pin
• Description of ACPR measurement methods
• Description of Avago Technologies evaluation demoboard for ACPM-7833
• IR Reflow Profile applicable for all Avago Technologies E-pHEMT PAs
3.0V Characterization, Data Card Applications

Electrical Data

All tests are done in system at Vdd1=Vdd2=Vbias = 3.0V, 25°C, unless noted otherwise.

1900 MHz CDMA Frequency Range Gain Fixed Cntl Voltage Pout = dBm Pout = 13 dBm Pout = -5 dBm Power Added Efficiency Pout = dBm Pout = 16 dBm Total Supply Current

ACPR ± MHz offset ACPR ± MHz offset Quiescent Current Input VSWR

Pout = dBm Pout = 16 dBm Noise Figure Noise Power 80 MHz offset in 1930 - 1990 MHz Stability Spurious Load VSWR 5:1 Harmonic Suppression 2Fo 3Fo

Units Min

dBc/30 kHz
dBc/30 kHz

Vcntl = 2.5V Vcntl = 2.5V Vcntl = 2.5V

Vcntl = 2.5V Vcntl = 2.5V Pout = dBm, Vcntl= 2.5V Pout = 13 dBm, Vcntl= 1.6V Pout = -5 dBm, Vcntl= 1.2V Pout - dBm Pout - dBm Pout - dBm, Vcntl = 2.5V

All phases
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