1N5711#T25 Datasheet

1N5711, 1N5712, 5082-2800 Series

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1N5711#T25 1N5711#T25 1N5711#T25 (pdf)
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1N5711, 1N5712, 5082-2800 Series

Schottky Barrier Diodes for General Purpose Applications

Data Sheet


The 1N5711, 1N5712, 5082-2800/10/11 are passivated Schottky barrier diodes which use a patented “guard ring” design to achieve a high voltage. Packaged in a low cost glass package, they are well suited for high level detecting, mixing, switching, gating, log or A-D converting, video detecting, frequency discriminating, sampling, and wave shaping.

The 5082-2835 is a passivated Schottky diode in a low cost glass package. It is optimized for low turn-on voltage. The 5082-2835 is particularly well suited for the UHF mixing needs of the CATV marketplace.
• Low Turn-On Voltage As Low as V at 1 mA
• Pico Second Switching Speed
• High Breakdown Voltage Up to 70 V
• Matched Characteristics Available

Outline 15



Maximum Ratings

Junction Operating and Storage Temperature Range   1N5711, 1N5712, -65°C to +200°C   -60°C to +150°C DC Power Dissipation   Measured in an infinite heat sink at TCASE = 25°C   Derate linearly to zero at maximum rated temp.   1N5711, 1N5712, mW   mW Peak Inverse VBR



Package Characteristics

Outline 15  


Lead Tin-Lead

Max. Soldering 260°C for 5 sec

Min. Lead 4 pounds pull

Typical Package Inductance
  1N5711, nH
  2800 nH

Typical Package Capacitance
  1N5711, pF
  2800 pF

The leads on the Outline 15 package should be restricted so that the bend starts at least 1/16 inch from the glass body. Outline 15 diodes are available on tape and reel. The tape and reel specification is patterned after RS-296-D.

Electrical Specifications at TA = 25°C General Purpose Diodes

Part Number 5082-2800 1N5711 5082-2810 1N5712 5082-2811 5082-2835 Test Conditions

Min. Breakdown

Voltage VBR V

IR = 10 µA *IR = 100 µA

Max. Forward Voltage VF mV

IF = 1 mA

VF = 1 V Max. at Forward

Current IF mA
*VF = V

Current IR nA at VR V 200    50
200    50
100    15
150    16
Part Number Ordering Information Part Number 5082-28xx#T25/1N57xx#T25 5082-28xx#T50/ 1N57xx#T50 5082-28xx/ 1N57xx

No. of devices 2500 5000 100

Container Tape & Reel Tape & Reel Antistatic bag

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