DA-70585 Datasheet

DA-70502-1<br>• Data transfer rate up to 480 Mbps USB and 400 bps Firewire A<br>• Two Firewire ports, 1x 6-pin and 1x 4-pin DA-70502-1<br>• Conforms to ATA/ATAPI-6 specification Rev.1.0 for USB<br>• Conforms to USB storage class specification Ver.1.0<br>• Compatible with Win98/SE, 2000, ME and XP<br>• Supports Mac OS supports LINUX 2.4.x and better<br>• LED power green / status red<br>• Power supply via USB port, external power supply optional

Part Datasheet
DA-70585 DA-70585 DA-70585 (pdf)
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External premium HDD enclosure USB & Firewire A
• External aluminium case for hard drives
• Conforms to USB or USB2.0 and IEEE1394a specification

191896 / DA-70550

2,5“ HDD enclosure USB

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Make any drive an External Drive! Keep your information protected on
these high quality Enclosures!

External S-ATA HDD enclosure ALU
• Serial ATA compliant
• Automation Gbps transmission rate negotiation
• Support S-ATA Hot Plug
• Support S-ATA connector
• Thinner and longer cable
• Serialize/ Deserialize a 40 Bit double word aligned or
10 Bit with 4X speed signal from/to the link layer
• Provide specified OOB signal detection and transmission
• 32 Bits CRC error checking on all data and control information
• Supports 32 Bits and 48 Bits LBA hard disk
• Compatible with WIN98, WIN98 se, WIN 2000, WIN ME and WIN XP
• Support MAC OS which support S-ATA HDD

192121 / DA-70585 DIGITUS External HDD enclosure ALU S-ATA Ö S-ATA


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USB to PS/2 adapter

USB to serial adapter, USB

USB to serial adapter, USB
117933 / DA-70118 USB Ö PS/2 adapter

Accessories AE10287-ND

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USB to Serial Converter, DSUB 9 pin

170426 / DA-70146 USB to serial adapter, USB

Accessories AE10289-ND

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170426 / DA-70145 USB to serial adapter, USB

Accessories AE10288-ND

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USB Repeater Cable USB
170426 / DA-70119 USB to serial converter, 9pin, 25pin

Accessories AE1488-ND

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170426 / DA-70130 USB repeater cable

Accessories AE10290-ND
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