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MINI USB-KVM switch, with audio support - 1User, 2PCS
l Control two PCs with one USB keyboard, one USB mouse and one monitor l Simple installation No additional software required l PC selection via hotkey l LED indicator for monitoring working status of PC and Audio l Excellent video quality-up to 2048 x 1536, l Support DDC, DDC2, DDC2B, DDC2AB l Audio support l Hot plug and play l Keyboard and mouse emulation for faultless booting of the computer l Autoscan 5,10,20,40,60 sec options l No external power supply required l Integrated KVM cable for connection of two PCs 1.2m l Support Window 98SE/ME/2000/2003 server/XP/VISTA, Sun Micro , Mac , Linux

System requirements
• Computer USB port, VGA port
• Operating System 98SE/ME/2000/2003 server/XP/VISTA, Sun Micro , Mac , Linux

Package Contents
l 2 port MINI USB-KVM switch l User manual l Quick installation guide

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Number Of Computers Controlled

Selection Method

USB Keyboard Hot Key, Push Button

USB Versions supported


Red for PC Selection Green for PC ON-Line Selection
2 x Type A USB Connectors

PC Connectors

Video Speaker
2 x HDB-15 male 2 x Stereo speaker plugs

2 x Mono microphone plugs

KVM Body
1 x DVI 24+5 Connector male

Keyboard / Mouse
2 x Type A USB Connectors female

Console Ports

Video Speaker
1 x HDB-15 female 1 x Stereo speaker jack

1 x Mono microphone jack

1 x DVI 24+5 Connector female

Auto-Scan Interval
5,10,20,40,60 Seconds

DDC, DDC2 monitor

Yes Max. Resolution:

Hot Swappable

Operating systems supported
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