APM2T80P201016GAN-HTM1W Datasheet

M.2 2280 Flash Drive APM2T80P201xxxGAN-XTM1X

Part Datasheet
APM2T80P201016GAN-HTM1W APM2T80P201016GAN-HTM1W APM2T80P201016GAN-HTM1W (pdf)
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RoHS Recast Compliant

M.2 2280 Flash Drive

P201-M Product Specifications Toshiba 15nm October 21, 2015 Version

Apacer Technology Inc. 1F, No.32, Zhongcheng Rd., Tucheng Dist., New Taipei City, Taiwan, R.O.C Tel +886-2-2267-8000 Fax +886-2-2267-2261

M.2 2280 Flash Drive APM2T80P201xxxGAN-XTM1X

z Capacities 16, 32, 64, 128, 256 GB
z Performance* Burst read/write 600 MB/sec Sustained read up to 430 MB/sec Sustained write up to 160 MB/sec
z Flash Management Built-in hardware ECC Static/dynamic wear-leveling Flash bad-block management S.M.A.R.T. Power Failure Management ATA Secure Erase TRIM
z NAND Flash Type MLC
z Endurance 16GB 14 TBW 32GB 28 TBW 64GB 57 TBW 128GB 114 TBW 256GB 228 TBW
z Temperature ranges Operating Standard :0°C to 70°C Extended -40°C to 85°C Storage -40°C to 85°C
z Supply voltage V 5%
z Power consumption typical * Active mode 450 mA Idle mode 95 mA
z Connector type 75-pin SATA-based M.2 module pinout
z Form factor M.2 2280 form factor Dimensions 80.00x22.00x3.80, unit:
z Shock & Vibration*** Shock:1,500 G Vibration 15 G
z MTBF >2,000,000 hours
z SATA Power Management
z RoHS Recast compliant complies with 2011/65/EU standard
z Device Sleep mode optional
*Varies from capacities. The values for performances and power consumptions presented are typical and may vary depending on flash configurations or platform settings. The term idle refers to the standby state of the device. **Non-operating
1 2015 Apacer Technology Inc.

M.2 2280 Flash Drive APM2T80P201xxxGAN-XTM1X

Table of Contents

6 Performance 6 Environmental Specifications 7 Mean Time Between Failures MTBF 7 Certification and Compliance 7

Flash Management

Error 8 Bad Block Management 8 Wear 8 Power Failure Management 8 ATA Secure Erase 8 TRIM 9 SATA Power Management 9 Endurance 10

Software Interface

Command 11 S.M.A.R.T. 12

Electrical Specification

Product Ordering
2 2015 Apacer Technology Inc.

M.2 2280 Flash Drive APM2T80P201xxxGAN-XTM1X

Pin Assignments

This connector does not support hot plug capability. There are a total of 75 pins. 12 pin locations are used for mechanical key locations this allows such a module to plug into both Key B and Key M connectors.

Notch M Notch B



Ground according to M.2 configurations for SSD-SATA definition
2 3.3V

Supply Pin, 3.3V

4 3.3V

Supply pin, 3.3V
5 No connect

No connect
6 Not available

No connect used for other purposes
7 Not available

No connect used for other purposes
8 Not available

No connect used for other purposes
9 No connect

No connect

Device Activity Signal/Disable Staggered Spin-up
11 No connect

No connect used for other purposes
12 removed for key Mechanical notch B
3 2015 Apacer Technology Inc.

M.2 2280 Flash Drive APM2T80P201xxxGAN-XTM1X
13 removed for key Mechanical notch B
14 removed for key Mechanical notch B
15 removed for key Mechanical notch B
16 removed for key Mechanical notch B
17 removed for key Mechanical notch B
18 removed for key Mechanical notch B
19 removed for key Mechanical notch B
20 Not available
Note The behaviors of power management features would depend on host/device settings. Device Sleep mode is optional, depending on product ordering selections.
9 2015 Apacer Technology Inc.

M.2 2280 Flash Drive APM2T80P201xxxGAN-XTM1X


The endurance of a storage device is predicted by TeraBytes Written based on several factors related to usage, such as the amount of data written into the drive, block management conditions, and daily workload for the drive. Thus, key factors, such as Write Amplifications and the number of P/E cycles, can influence the lifespan of the drive.


TeraBytes Written
16 GB
32 GB
64 GB
128 GB
256 GB

Notes y The measurement assumes the data written to the SSD for test is under a typical and constant rate. y The measurement follows the standard metric 1 TB Terabyte = 1000 GB. y This estimation complies with JEDEC JESD-219, enterprise endurance workload of random data
with payload size distribution.
10 2015 Apacer Technology Inc.

M.2 2280 Flash Drive APM2T80P201xxxGAN-XTM1X

Software Interface

Command Set

This section defines the software requirements and the format of the commands the host sends to P201M. Commands are issued to P201-M by loading the required registers in the command block with the supplied parameters, and then writing the command code to the Command register.

Table 6-1 Command set

Command Data Set Management Recalibrate Read Sectors Read Sectors without Retry Read Sectors EXT Read DMA EXT Read Native Max Address EXT Read Multiple EXT Read Log EXT Write Sectors Write Sectors without Retry Write Sectors EXT Write DMA EXT Set Native Max Address EXT CFA WRITE SECTORS WITHOUT ERASE Write Multiple EXT Write DMA FUA EXT Write Long EXT Read Verify Sectors Read Verify Sectors without Retry Read Verify Sectors EXT WRITE UNCORRECTABLE EXT Read FPDMA Queued Write FPDMA Queued

Seek Execute Device Diagnostic Initialize Device Parameters Download Microcode

Code 06h 10h-1Fh 20h 21h 24h 25h 27h 29h 2Fh 30h 31h 34h 35h 37h 38h 39h 3Dh 3Fh 40h 41h 42h 45h 60h 61h 70h-71h 90h 91h 92h

Command CHECK POWER MODE SLEEP SMART DEVICE CONFIGURATION Read Multiple Write Multiple Set Multiple Mode Read DMA Read DMA without Retry Write DMA Write DMA without Retry Write Multiple FUA EXT Standby Immediate Idle Immediate Standby IDLE Read Buffer Check Power Mode Sleep Flush Cache Write Buffer Flush Cache EXT Identify Device Set Features Security Set Password Security Unlock Security Erase Prepare Security Erase Unit

Code 98h 99h B0h B1h C4h C5h C6h C8h C9h CAh CBh CEh E0h E1h E2h E3h E4h E5h E6h E7h E8h EAh ECh EFh F1h F2h F3h F4h
11 2015 Apacer Technology Inc.

M.2 2280 Flash Drive APM2T80P201xxxGAN-XTM1X


Security Freeze Lock


Security Disable Password


Read Native Max Address


Set Max Address



SMART, an acronym for Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology, is an open standard that allows a hard disk drive to automatically detect its health and report potential failures. When a failure is recorded by SMART, users can choose to replace the drive to prevent unexpected outage or data loss. Moreover, SMART can inform users of impending failures while there is still time to perform proactive actions, such as copy data to another device
12 2015 Apacer Technology Inc.

M.2 2280 Flash Drive APM2T80P201xxxGAN-XTM1X

Electrical Specification
Product Ordering Information

Product Code Designations X

Temperature Range

Blank W Extended Temperature

Flash Type

Version Control

Apacer Brand Capacities 016G = 16GB 032G = 32GB 064G = 64GB 128G = 128GB 256G = 256GB

Solution version

Form Factor

Apacer Product Code
16 2015 Apacer Technology Inc.

M.2 2280 Flash Drive APM2T80P201xxxGAN-XTM1X

Valid Combinations

Standard Temperature

Capacity 16GB 32GB 64GB 128GB 256GB

No DEVSLP APM2T80P201016GAN-GTM1 APM2T80P201032GAN-GTM1 APM2T80P201064GAN-GTM1 APM2T80P201128GAN-GTM1 APM2T80P201256GAN-GTM1


Extended Temperature



16GB APM2T80P201016GAN-GTM1W APM2T80P201016GAN-HTM1W
32GB APM2T80P201032GAN-GTM1W APM2T80P201032GAN-HTM1W
64GB APM2T80P201064GAN-GTM1W APM2T80P201064GAN-HTM1W
128GB APM2T80P201128GAN-GTM1W APM2T80P201128GAN-HTM1W
256GB APM2T80P201256GAN-GTM1W APM2T80P201256GAN-HTM1W

Note Valid combinations are those products in mass production or will be in mass production. Consult your Apacer sales representative to confirm availability of valid combinations and to determine availability of new combinations.
17 2015 Apacer Technology Inc.

M.2 2280 Flash Drive APM2T80P201xxxGAN-XTM1X

Date 10/21/2015

Description Official release

18 2015 Apacer Technology Inc.
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