G881H0222CEU Datasheet

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G881H0222CEU G881H0222CEU G881H0222CEU (pdf)
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heno l Ta i

RomHp l iSa n t
20 11 / 6 5 / E

heno l Ta i

RomHp l iSa n t
20 11 / 6 5 / E


Amp Co U
heno l Ta i

RomHp l iSa n t
20 11 / 6 5 / E

P/ N Q 'TY

G 814A 0003 EU
411-012 345-001

Ro H S

Cate go ax s afe

L e ve
ry:e3 te mp
l Int :26
e rco 0° C

P /N G814A 0003EU Q'T Y 3000
141- 012345-001
2 ndL evel
at ego r xs af et
y:e 3 emp

I nt :26
er con 0°C

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