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Product Catalog Command Large Water Resistant Refill Strips

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Command Large Water Resistant Refill Strips

Bath Products
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• DamageFree Hanging
• Holds strongly
• Removes cleanly
• Works in hot, wet environments
• Easy removal for cleaning
• Works on a variety of surfaces

Weight Capacity 5 pounds

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Command Replacement Mounting Strips make it easy to move and rehang your Command Products for cleaning, redecoration or reorganization. Like all Command Products, they hold strongly on a variety of surfaces, including tile, wood, metal and painted surfaces. Yet they also remove cleanly no holes, marks, sticky residue or stains. Command Refill Strips come in both small, medium and large sizes. Also a great for replacement for double sided sticky tape. Holds strongly yet removes cleanly. Contains 4 per pack.

Instruction Sheet Command Instructions PDF, 545.9KB


Color Good for Humid Environments Material Package Contents Size Weight Capacity

Blue Yes Plastic 4 strips Large 5 pounds

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Product Catalog Command Large Water Resistant Refill Strips

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