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The EAHP3045 series is a surface-mount high-power device featuring high brightness
combined with a compact size that is suitable for all kinds of lighting applications such as
general illumination, flash, spot, signal, industrial and commercial lighting. The thermal pad of this device is
electrically isolated providing convenience in thermal and electrical design. The EAHP3045 series is one of the most
promising devices in Everlight’s high power product offering and is ready to face the challenges of today’s

Solid-State Lighting requirements.

LM-80 Certified Small package with high efficiency ESD protection up to 8KV Soldering method SMT Binning Parameters Brightness,

Forward Voltage ,Wavelength and Chromaticity Moisture Sensitivity Level 1 RoHS compliant

General Lighting Decorative and Entertainment

Lighting Signal and Symbol Luminaries for
orientation marker lights e.g. steps, exit ways, etc. Exterior and Interior Automotive Illumination Agriculture Lighting

Matches ANSI binning


Expired Period Forever


Absolute Maximum Ratings


Max. DC Forward Current mA Max. Peak Pulse Current mA

Thermal Resistance Max. Junction Temperature

Operating Temperature Storage Temperature Max. Soldering Temperature Max. Allowable Reflow Cycles

IF IPulse VB VR Rth TJ TOpr TStg TSol n/a

750[1] 1000[2] 8000 Note 3 6~8[4] 125[5] -40 ~ +100[6] -40 ~ +100
260 2

mA V °C/W °C °C °C °C cycles
for Red, Amber, and Orange LEDs. Maximum junction temperature of Cool-White, Neutral-White, Warm-White, Blue, Green, Red, Amber, and

Orange LEDs is 125°C. Maximum Operating Temperature Thermal Pad of Cool-White, Neutral-White, Warm-White, Blue, Green, Red,

Amber, and Orange LEDs is 100°C.

Level 1

JEDEC Moisture Sensitivity

Floor Life

Time hours


Conditions Ù30°C / 85% RH

Soak Requirements Standard

Time hours
168 +5/-0

Conditions 85°C / 85% RH
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