123-6S-NB Datasheet

123-6S-NB thru 123-500-NB

Part Datasheet
123-6S-NB 123-6S-NB 123-6S-NB (pdf)
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Specialty Terminals
123-6S-NB thru 123-500-NB

Heavy-Duty, Ring Tongue, Nylon Insulated with Insulation Grip

Data Sheet


Product Range Stud

Number AWG Size W
123-6S-NB 16-12 6
123-6-NB 16-12 6
123-8S-NB 16-12 8
123-8-NB 16-12 8
123-10-NB 16-12 10
123-14-NB 16-12
123-56-NB 16-12
123-38-NB 16-12
123-716-NB 16-12
123-500-NB 16-12

Barrel E Thickness Length

Barrel I.D.

Maximum Insulator Diameter



Wire Size Barrel Seam Max. Voltage Rating:

Max. Temperature Rating Max. Current Insulator Material Terminal Material Terminal Plating:


See Table Above Butted with Insulation Grip 600V Building Wire 1000 V Signs, Fixtures and Luminaires 221°F 105°C Same as Wire Nylon ETP Copper Tin

Installation Information WARNING

Turn power off before installing or removing terminal. All electrical work should be done according to appropriate electrical codes.

UL Listed and CSA Certified for use on stranded copper AWG wire only. Strip away the end 3/8 inch of wire insulation. Make the crimp in the proper station of a recommended 3M crimp tool TH-440, TH-450 scissor style , or TR-482, TR-490 ratchet style hand tools.

Barrel Crimp Electrical

Insulation Crimp Mechanical

Engineering Specification

Crimp-type terminals shall, electrically and mechnically, connect to a pre-stripped end of a stranded copper wire and have a flat tongue portion with a central opening for mounting around a screw or stud.

The terminal line shall offer tongue variations in hole stud size 6, 8 10, etc. and configuration ring, fork, block fork, flanged block fork, locking fork, etc. and barrel variations in wire AWG size 22-18, 16-14, 12-10, etc. and construction non-insulated brazed seam, vinyl insulated butted seam, nylon insulated with insulation grip, etc. . The terminal line shall have regulatory agency coverage UL Listing, CSA Certification . The terminal tongue shall be marked with the wire range and manufacturer’s symbol

The heavy-duty nylon-insulated, ring tongue terminal with insulation grip shall be tin-plated, annealed copper, with the tongue having a specified stud hole size 6 thru 1/2 in. and a butted seam barrel with a tin plated brass, funnel entry insulation grip, covered by a molded nylon sleeve, color coded and sized for a specified AWG wire range

Insulated terminals shall be UL Listed and CSA Certified for 600 Volts maximum building wire 1000 Volts maximum in signs, fixtures and luminaries and have a maximum operating temperature of 221°F 105°C .
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