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SBC7731A(U) SBC7731A(U) SBC7731A(U) (pdf)
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Specifications for BNC Connectors

BNC style connectors are miniature, light-weight, weatherproof interconnecting devices characterized by their two-stud, quick disconnect bayonet lock coupling arrangement. Their design functions satisfactorily from DC to 11 GHz in static applications, or from DC to 4GHz in applications involving vibration. The connectors typically yield a low VSWR reflected signal to 4GHz. Primary applications include radio telecommunications, broadcast equipment, medical equipment, computer, Precision Video, High definition studio broadcast, video switching and test instrumentation where frequent coupling and de-coupling are necessary. Bomar’s BNCs are available in an extensive variety of configurations and cable sizes and are impedance matched to either 50 ohm or 75 ohm.

Connector Parts Connector Body and Parts Male Contact Pin Commercial Grade Outer Contact Socket Contact
---------Crimp Ferrule Insulators, Standard Versions
---------Rubber Gaskets Plating




Brass Zinc Alloy/Brass

Brass Beryllium Copper

Phosphor Copper Annealed Copper

Teflon Delrin Silicone Rubber

Nickel Silver Optional

Equivalent Standard ISOCuZn38Pb2 Body Part QQ-B-626
-------------QQ-B-750 QQ-C-530 / MIL-H-7199 CuBe2 QQ-C-576 L-P403 / BS4271 Grade B ASTM-E1418PSI MIL-G-45204




Test † Specification

Impedance Frequency Range VSWR RF Insertion Loss RF Leakage Test Voltage At Sea Level Working Voltage At Sea Level Insulation Resistance Contact Resistance
0-1 GHz

Max. db Min. at 3 GHz

MIL-C-39012 MIL-C-39012
-55 db Min. at 3 GHz 1500V rms

MIL-C-39012 MIL-STD-202
500V rms 5000 Meg ohms Min.

3 Milli ohms Max.



Requirement Durability Shock Vibration Cable Retention Cable Types Coupling Nut

Temperature Range

Moisture Resistance Salt Spray

Performance 500 Insertions & Extractions Min. 50 G 20 G from 80-2000 Hz 60 lbs. Minimum Pull Test 60 lbs. Maximum Teflon -55 to +199 C Delrin -40 to +85 C Continuous Test 48 Hours

Test † Specification MIL-C-39012 MIL-STD-202 MIL-STD-202 MIL-C-39012 MIL-C-39012
----------------------MIL-STD-202 MIL-STD-202
†Products are made to conform to the Mil standard but are for commercial applications and are not QPL

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