1090NX3-28V Datasheet

1050N, 1052N and 1090N Series Non-Relampable Neon-Incandescent Indicator Lights

Part Datasheet
1090NX3-28V 1090NX3-28V 1090NX3-28V (pdf)
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1050N, 1052N and 1090N Series Non-Relampable Neon-Incandescent Indicator Lights

Description and Features

All dimensions in inches.



Mounting Will snap-fit into hole in panels thick. Push-on speednut SN0461 also available. Mounting hole pattern on page SP2.

Wire Leads No. 22 AWG 105°C long,

Lens Polycarbonate

Bezel Polished stainless steel. For black finish add “X” after the series letter s .

Housing White Nylon

Lens C olor

R ed C lear Amber W hite G reen Lamp us ed Lead C olor

Neon Model No. 105-125VAC
1050N1 1050N2 1050N3 1050N4 1052N5* C 2A+R es is tor B lack

Incandes cent

Model No.

Model No.

Y ellow

P urple
* Incorporates G2B lamp and resistor. Underwriters Laboratories UL File No. E20325 Canadian Standards Association CSA File No. LR13346

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