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Universal 40 Watt Series

ITE / Switch Mode Power Supply
• 100-240 VAC Universal Input
• Desktop Style
• Single Output to 40W
• Five Models Available 12V to 48V
• Regulated Output with Low Ripple
• Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Enclosure
• and Custom Designs Also Available
• Designed to Meet EISA Requirements

International Safety Standard Approvals


Line and Load Regulation Excluding cord Ripple Transient Response


Line Voltage +/-1% Load Voltage +/-5%
1% Vp-p max.
0.5ms for 50% Load change Typical

Over-current Protection Hiccup Short Circuit Protection


Input Voltage Range Line Frequency Input Current Protection

Universal input 90VAC Input
100-240VAC -10%, +10%
1.2A max.

Internal Primary Current Fuse, Inrush Limiting


Thermal Performance

Operating temperature full load, no derating convectional cooling Non vented case

Relative Humidity


0° C to 40° C
5% to 95% 0-10,000 feet



Hold-up Time Dielectric Withstand

Storage Temp Approvals and Safety Standards

MTBF Case and Dimension

Case Material

Cord and Connectors

Switching-Fixed Frequency Flyback
18ms min. 80ms min.
3,000VAC or 4,250VDC Primary-Secondary 1,500VAC or 2,150VDC Primary-F.G. 500VDC Secondary-F.G.
-30° C to 85° C

UL60950-1, IEC/EN60950-1 EMC EN55022/55024/61000
100,000 Calculated Hours

Desktop style 3.98L x 2.4W x 1.34H in 101.0L x 61.0W x 34.0H mm
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