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B39431-R 950-U410

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SAW Components

Preliminary Data R950

SAW Components Resonator Preliminary Data

Features s 1-port resonator s Provides reliable, fundamental mode, quartz fre-
quency stabilization i.e. in transmitters or local oscillators s Protection layer ELPAS s AEC-Q200 qualified components family

Terminals s Ni, gold plated

R950 433,96 MHz

Ceramic package DCC6C

Dimensions in mm, approx. weight 0,037 g

Pin configuration
2 5 1, 3, 4, 6

Input Output, grounded in 1-port conf. Ground case

C1 R1 L1

Ordering code


B39431-R 950-U410

Electrostatic Sensitive Device ESD

Marking and Package according to C61157-A7-A67

Packing according to F61074-V8168-Z000

Maximum ratings

Operable temperature range TA

Storage temperature range Tstg

DC voltage

Source power

V dBm
between any terminals
2 Feb 25, 2005

SAW Components Resonator Preliminary Data

Characteristics Reference temperature Terminating source impedance Terminating load impedance:

TA = 25 ZS = 50 ZL = 50

R950 433,96 MHz

Center frequency 1
433,910 433,960 434,010 MHz

Minimum insertion attenuation Unloaded quality factor

Ageing of fc Equivalent circuit elements Motional capacitance Motional inductance Motional resistance Parallel capacitance 2

Temperature coefficient of frequency 3 Turnover temperature
1,9 dB
8300 12000
-50/+50 ppm
1 Center frequency is defined as maximum of the real part of the admittance 2 If used in two port configuration pin 2-input, pin 5-output C0 is reduced by approx. 0,3 pF. 3 Temperature dependence of fc TA = fc T0 1 + TCf TA T0 2
3 Feb 25, 2005

SAW Components Resonator Preliminary Data

R950 433,96 MHz

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4 Feb 25, 2005
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