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Surge arrester
2-electrode arrester
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S30-A200X B88069X9171T203

Issue 01 / 2010-02-08 6

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Surge arrester

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2-electrode arrester
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Issue 01 / 2010-02-08

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Surge arrester 2-electrode arrester

B88069X9171T203 S30-A200X

Extremely small size Fast response time Stable performance over life Very low capacitance High insulation resistance Excellent SMD handling RoHS-compatible

PCI cards Modem Splitter Line cards Applications with limited space

Electrical specifications DC spark-over voltage 1 2
± 20

Impulse spark-over voltage
at 100 V/µs - for 99 % of measured values
< 550
- typical values of distribution
< 450
at 1 kV/µs - for 99 % of measured values
< 700
- typical values of distribution
< 600

Service life 3
10 operations
50 Hz, 1 s
10 operations [5x + & 5x - ]
8/20 µs
100 operations [50x + & 50x - ]
10/1000 µs

Insulation resistance at 100 Vdc

Capacitance at 1 MHz

Arc voltage at 1 A Glow to arc transition current Glow voltage


Operation and storage temperature
-40 +90

Climatic category IEC 60068-1
40/ 90/ 21

Marking, without
Ordering code and packing advice B88069X9171T203 = 2000 pcs on SMD tape

B88069X9171T203 S30-A200X

Cautions and warnings

Surge arresters must not be operated directly in power supply networks. Surge arresters may become hot in the event of longer periods of current stress danger of
burning . Surge arresters may be used only within their specified values. In the event of overload, the head
contacts may fail or the component may be destroyed. Damaged surge arresters must not be re-used.


Please read Cautions and warnings and Important notes at the end of this document.

Issue 01 / 2010-02-08

Important notes

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