C22G63 Datasheet

C08G amps C08G4 C10G amps C10G4 C14G amps C14G4 C22G amps C22G4

Part Datasheet
C22G63 C22G63 C22G63 (pdf)
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C22G50I C22G50I C22G50I
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C22G8I C22G8I C22G8I
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C14G1I C14G1I C14G1I
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C14M4S C14M4S C14M4S
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C14M0.5 C14M0.5 C14M0.5
C08M16 C08M16 C08M16
C22G20 C22G20 C22G20
C10M0.5 C10M0.5 C10M0.5
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C08M20 C08M20 C08M20
C10G12I C10G12I C10G12I
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PDF Datasheet Preview
Technical Data 720115

Effective September 2014

Bussmann Cylindrical fuse links

Product description

Bussmann’s range of cylindrical class gG/gL and aM fuse links are suitable for industrial applications.

Standard features
• Compact design
• Tool free installation
• Low temperature rise
• Available with strikers and indicators
• Compatible with Bussmann’s modular fuse

Technical Data 720115

Effective September 2014

Table Catalogue Symbol:

Size mm

Class gG/gL
8 x 31 10 x 38 14 x 51 22 x 58

Class aM
8 x 31 10 x 38 14 x 51 22 x 58

Without indicator example

C08G amps C08G4 C10G amps C10G4 C14G amps C14G4 C22G amps C22G4

C08M amps C08M4 C10M amps C10M4 C14M amps C14M4 C22M amps C22M12

With indicator example

With striker* example

C08G amps I C08G4I C10G amps I C10G4I C14G amps I C14G4I C22G amps I C22G4I

C10M amps I C10M4I C14M amps I C14M4I C22M amps I C22M12I

C14G amps S* C14G4S C22G amps S* C22G4S

C14M amps S* C14M4S C22M amps S* C22M12S
* Striker fuse links can operate a microswitch for remote fuse link operated indication

Fuse size
• 8 x 31, 10 x 38, 14 x 51 and 22 x 58 mm

Technical data
• Volts 400 to 690 V a.c.
• Amps to 125 A
• Breaking capacity 20 to 120 kA AC
• Class of operation gG/gL and aM

• IEC 60269

• 10 per carton

Dimensions - mm Fuse links with or without indicator

Fuse links with striker

Bussmann Cylindrical fuse links

Size mm
8 x 31 mm 10 x 38 mm 14 x 51 mm 22 x 58 mm


Size mm A
14 x 51
22 x 58
* For striker fuse links applications use CH14 # of poles DMSU-F or CH22 # of poles DMSU-F fuse holders with microswitch auxiliary contacts

Bussmann Cylindrical fuse links
More datasheets: C22G125 | C22M4 | C22G25 | C22G8 | C22G6 | C22M32 | C22G4 | C22M2 | C22M20 | C22G50

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