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ProtoBoard - Rectangle 2" Single Sided



A prototyping board is one of the main steps in hardware development, also called a perf board. Breadboard, wiring and punching in chips, resistors and leds is probably the first step. While this is good to confirm a working design, is quite often not good for testing it around. Most of the times you carry a breadboard with a design, wires may get pulled, its bulky and may add some other issues. A prototyping board makes this testing design, or final solution, a mobile and usable option. With components soldered and working you are now able to add your new project to it's pre-destined spot. This ProtoBoard comes with standard spacing through holes and four 3mm mounting holes.There are 22x26 holes in total. Great for quickly prototyping stackable circuits. This version of the product while not is not gold coated, is environmentally friendly.

• Size:58x78

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