SFD52T32L391K-F Datasheet

D SFD52T26L391K-F SFD52S26L391K-F

Part Datasheet
SFD52T32L391K-F SFD52T32L391K-F SFD52T32L391K-F (pdf)
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PDF Datasheet Preview
Type SF Lighting Capacitors, 90 °C Rated, Oil Filled AC Rated, Oil Filled/Impregnated, Metallized Polypropylene Capacitors

For better performance in HID Lighting and HV Ballasts, Type SF oval and round oil filled metallized polypropylene lighting capacitors are built for operating in the high temperature environments for high intensity discharge HID lighting and other high voltage ballast applications. Each HID catalog capacitor includes an external resistor that discharges the capacitor to less than 50V in one minute, and the oil filled process assures better reliability than dry capacitors.


- Casing aluminum standard, tin-plated steel optional - Paint U. L. recognized optional - Meets EIA Standard EIA-456-A

Capacitance Range Capacitance Tolerance Rated Voltage Operating Temperature Range with Ripple Operating Frequency
µF to 55 µF ±3% 280 Vac to 525 Vac, other voltages available ºC to +90 ºC 50 - 60 Hz RoHS Compliant


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Construction Details

Case Material

Aluminum or Tin Plated Steel


Enviromentally Safe Dielectric Fluid

Terminal Material Tin Plated Steel

Round Case Style

Oval Case Style

Case Code P S T

D Inches

See Ratings Table

See Ratings Table

See Ratings Table

Part Numbering System

Oval Case Code


Dimensions Inches

See Ratings Table

See Ratings Table

See Ratings Table

See Ratings Table


Case Size


SF A = 1/4" Oval 28 = 280 Vac

B = 1/2" Oval 30 = 300 Vac

C = 1 3/4" Oval 33 = 330 Vac

D = Oval
40 = 400 Vac

P = 1 3/4" Round 48 = 480 Vac

S = Round 52 = 525 Vac

T = 2 1/2" Round
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