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Model Number:MX3B3 Part Number 19028423A

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19028423A 19028423A 19028423A (pdf)
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Model Number:MX3B3 Part Number 19028423A

Mechanical Drawing:


RoHS Version 02 Dec 18, 2017


Normal Voltage
= 230 VAC

Operating Voltage Range = 207~253VAC

Operating Frequency = 50/60Hz

Rated Current
= 0.17/0.14A

Input Power
= 23/20Watt

Average Speed
= 2500/2850RPM

= Ball

= 90/100CFM

Measuring at zero static pressure

Static Pressure

Measuring at zero air flow

Noise Level
= 50/52 dB A

Net Weight
= 460 gram.

Additional Features Insulation Resistance 100MΩ or more at 500 V megger. Dielectric strength 2 seconds at 1800 VAC/ 50-60 Hz. Thermal Shock Test per MIL-STD-202F, method 107G, condition D. Operating Temperature -10C to 70C Storage Temperature -40C to 85C

Termination Wide Terminals

Agency Approvals UL, CUL, CE

Construction Venturi High quality magnesium alloy die-casting Frame
with ED coating and powder coating, Black. Propeller Plastic, Black, UL 94V-0.

Life Expectancy This fan is designed for continuous duty life of 55,000 hours at 70ºC.

PQ Curve:
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