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AMMP-6421 13-16 GHz 1W Power Amplifier in SMT Package

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AMMP-6421-TR1G AMMP-6421-TR1G AMMP-6421-TR1G (pdf)
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AMMP-6421 13-16 GHz 1W Power Amplifier in SMT Package

Data Sheet

The AMMP-6421 MMIC is a 1W power amplifier in a surface mount package designed for use in transmitters that operate at frequencies between 13GHz and 16GHz. Between 13GHz and 16GHz, it provides 29 dBm of output power P-1dB and 26dB of small-signal gain. This power amplifier is optimized for linear operation with an output third order intercept point OIP3 of +36dBm. The AMMC-6421 is manufactured with Avago’s unique enhancement mode GaAs PHEMT process that eliminates the need for negative DC biasing.

Package Diagram

Vg Vd1 Vd2

• 5x5mm SMT package
• One-watt saturated output power
• 50 match on input and output

Typical Specifications Vd=5V, Idsq=0.6A
• Frequency range 13 to 16 GHz
• Small signal Gain of 26dB
• Output power of 29dBm Typ.
• Input/Output return-loss of -6dB/-8dB
• Microwave Radio systems
• Satellite VSAT, Up/Down Link
• LMDS & Pt-Pt mmW Long Haul
• Broadband Wireless Access including and

• WLL and MMDS loops

Functional Block Diagram

Vg Vd1 Vd2
123 8

Pin Function 1 Vg 2 Vd1 3 Vd2 4 RF_OUT
5 Vd2 6 Vd1 7 Vg 8 RF_IN


Please refer to hazardous substances table on page

Attention Observe precautions for handling electrostatic sensitive devices. ESD Machine Model Class A = 50 V ESD Human Body Model Class 0 = 200 V Refer to Avago Application Note A004R Electrostatic Discharge, Damage and Control.

Note MSL Rating = Level 2A

Electrical Specifications

Small/Large -signal data measured in a fully de-embedded test fixture form TA = 25°C.

Pre-assembly into package performance verified 100% on wafer.

This final package part performance is verified by a functional test correlated to actual performance at one or more frequencies.

Specifications are derived from measurements in a 50 Ω test environment. Aspects of the amplifier performance may be improved over a more narrow bandwidth by application of additional conjugate, linearity, or low noise matching.

The Gain at P1dB tested at 13, and 16 GHz guaranteed with measurement accuracy +/-1dB for Gain, +/-1.2dB for P1dB at 13 GHz and +/-1.5dB for P1dB at GHz and 16 GHz.

NF is measure on-wafer. Additional bond wires -0.2nH at Input could improve NF at some frequencies.

Table RF Electrical Characteristics TA=25°C, Vd=5.0V, Idq=0.6mA, Vg= +0.5V, Zo=50 Ω

Min Typ Max Min Typ Max Min Typ Max Unit Comment
24 26 30 22 26 28 24 26 30 dB
27 29
26 29
25 29

Table Recommended Operating Range Ambient operational temperature TA = 25°C unless otherwise noted. Channel-to-backside Thermal Resistance Tchannel Tc = 34°C as measured using infrared microscopy. Thermal

Resistance at backside temperature Tb = 25°C calculated from measured data.

Min. Typical Max. Unit Comments

Drain Supply Current, Id
AMMP-64xx Part Number Ordering Information

Devices Per Container



Antistatic bag

7” Reel

7” Reel

Names and Contents of the Toxic and Hazardous Substances or Elements in the Products

Part Name

Toxic and Hazardous Substances or Elements

Lead Pb 100pF capacitor

Mercury Hg

Cadmium Cd

Hexavalent Cr VI


Polybrominated biphenyl PBB

Polybrominated diphenylether PBDE

indicates that the content of the toxic and hazardous substance in all the homogeneous materials of the part is below the concentration limit requirement as described in SJ/T
indicates that the content of the toxic and hazardous substance in at least one homogeneous material of the part exceeds the concentration limit requirement as described in SJ/T The enterprise may further explain the technical reasons for the “x” indicated portion in the table in accordance with the actual situations.

SJ/T 11363-2006 SJ/T 11363-2006

Note EU RoHS compliant under exemption clause of “lead in electronic ceramic parts e.g. piezoelectronic devices ”

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