PWR221-2FCR400F Datasheet

Models PWR220-2FB, PWR221-2FB, and PWR220-2FA are not available and not recommended for new designs.

Part Datasheet
PWR221-2FCR400F PWR221-2FCR400F PWR221-2FCR400F (pdf)
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PDF Datasheet Preview
• TO220 or TO221 housing
• Low inductance
• SMD and through hole versions
• High power rating

Models PWR220-2FB, PWR221-2FB, and PWR220-2FA are not available and not recommended for new designs.

Models PWR220T-35, PWR221T-30, and PWR263S-35 are suggested alternatives.

PWR220/PWR221 F Series Power Resistors


Resistor Thick Substrate ......................Alumina AL203 Housing Lead Frame .......Tinned Copper Sn/Cu Maximum Torque........................ Nm Packaging

Tubes...............................50 pcs./tube Tape & Reel**.................. 500 pcs./reel
**Tape & Reel is only available for Versions A and D.

Electrical & Thermal Characteristics


Resistance Version A Version C & D

Power Rating 70 °C in Free Air Power Rating with External Heat Sink

Version A Version C & D

Tolerance Ω < R < Ω Ω < R < 100K Ω

TCR Ω < R < 100.0K Ω Ω < R < Ω Ω < R < Ω

Thermal Resistance Rthj Version A Version C & D


Dielectric Withstanding Voltage

Operating Temperature

General Information

The PWR220 F Series is a TO220 style Power Resistor PWR221 F is a TO221 style Power Resistor. Manufactured using thick on Alumina ceramic technology, it is used in applications such as power supplies, motor drives and measurements.



100K 15K
30 50
±100 ±300 ±600
2 +155


°C/W °C/W
% kV DC
*RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC Jan 27, 2003 including Annex. are subject to change without notice. Customers should verify actual device performance in their applications.
• Power supplies
• Motor drives
• Test and measurement
• Welding

PWR220/PWR221 F Series Power Resistors

Product Dimensions

TO220 Housing 2-Pin


TO221 Casing 2-Pin
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