PEC11-4030F-N0018 Datasheet

Model PEC11 is currently available, but will be replaced by the Model PEC11R per Product Change details.

Part Datasheet
PEC11-4030F-N0018 PEC11-4030F-N0018 PEC11-4030F-N0018 (pdf)
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PDF Datasheet Preview
• Push switch option
• Compact, rugged design
• High reliability
• Metal bushing/shaft

Model PEC11 is currently available, but will be replaced by the Model PEC11R per Product Change details.

PEC11 Series - 12 mm Incremental Encoder

Electrical Characteristics
quadrature code Closed Circuit Resistance ohms maximum Contact 1 mA 5 VDC Insulation Resistance megohms 250 VDC Dielectric Withstanding Voltage

Sea 300 VAC minimum Electrical Travel Contact Bounce 15 ms maximum** RPM Operating maximum**

Environmental Characteristics

Operating Temperature Range °C to +70 °C -22 °F to +158 °F Storage Temperature Range °C to +85 °C -40 °F to +185 °F MIL-STD-202, Method 103B, Condition B Vibration 30 G

Contact Bounce Hz / 1 min. / Amplitude mm 100 G Rotational 30,000 cycles minimum Switch Life 20,000 cycles minimum IP 40

Mechanical Characteristics

Mechanical Angle 360 ° continuous Torque

Running to 200 to oz.-in. Mounting lb.-in. maximum Shaft Side Load kgf lbs. minimum Weight 5 gm oz. maximum Terminals Printed circuit board terminals Soldering Condition

Wave Soldering Sn95.5/Ag2.8/Cu0.7 solder with no-clean 260 °C max. for 3-5 seconds Hand Not recommended Hardware One washer and one mounting nut supplied with each encoder

Switch Characteristics

Switch Type Push ON Momentary SPST Power Rating Resistive Load 10 mA at 5 V DC Switch Travel ± mm Switch Actuation Force ± 306 gf ± oz.-in.

How To Order

PEC11 - 4 0 20 F - S 0012


Terminal 4 = PC Pin Horizontal/Rear Facing

Detent Option 0 = No Detents 12, 18, 24 pulses 1 = 18 Detents 18 pulses 2 = 24 Detents 12, 24 pulses 3 = 12 Detents 12 pulses

Standard Shaft Length 15 = mm 20 = mm 25 = mm 30 = mm

Shaft Style F = Metal Flatted Shaft K = Metal Knurled Shaft1

Switch S = Push Momentary Switch N = No Switch

Resolution 0012 = 12 Pulses per 360 ° Rotation
0018 = 18 Pulses per 360 ° Rotation
0024 = 24 Pulses per 360 ° Rotation
1 Metal knurled shaft with no switch is available in 15, 20 and 30 mm shaft lengths.

Metal knurled shaft with push momentary switch is available in 15 and 20 mm shaft lengths.

Quadrature Output Table

A Signal


B Signal
*RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC Jan 27, 2003 including Annex. **Devices are tested using standard noise reduction For optimum performance, designers should use noise reduction in their circuits. are subject to change without notice. Customers should verify actual device performance in their applications.

Level control, tuning and timer settings in
• Audio-visual equipment
• Consumer electric appliances
• Radios
• Musical instrumentation
• Communications equipment

PEC11 Series - 12 mm Incremental Encoder

Product Dimensions




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