70F912AF-RC Datasheet

70F Series

Part Datasheet
70F912AF-RC 70F912AF-RC 70F912AF-RC (pdf)
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70F565AI-RC 70F565AI-RC 70F565AI-RC
70F254AI-RC 70F254AI-RC 70F254AI-RC
70F914AI-RC 70F914AI-RC 70F914AI-RC
70F255AI-RC 70F255AI-RC 70F255AI-RC
70F275AI-RC 70F275AI-RC 70F275AI-RC
70F274AI-RC 70F274AI-RC 70F274AI-RC
70F755AI-RC 70F755AI-RC 70F755AI-RC
70F915AI-RC 70F915AI-RC 70F915AI-RC
70F684AI-RC 70F684AI-RC 70F684AI-RC
70F754AI-RC 70F754AI-RC 70F754AI-RC
70F273AI-RC 70F273AI-RC 70F273AI-RC
70F304AI-RC 70F304AI-RC 70F304AI-RC
70F687AP-RC 70F687AP-RC 70F687AP-RC
70F334AI-RC 70F334AI-RC 70F334AI-RC
70F752AF-RC 70F752AF-RC 70F752AF-RC
70F337AP-RC 70F337AP-RC 70F337AP-RC
70F393AI-RC 70F393AI-RC 70F393AI-RC
70F272AF-RC 70F272AF-RC 70F272AF-RC
70F354AI-RC 70F354AI-RC 70F354AI-RC
PDF Datasheet Preview
Varnished RF Chokes

Special Features
• High Q, high self-resonant
• High voltage application on phenolic
and ferrite components
• Universal wound
• Low cost
• Varnish coated
• Operating temperature:
phenolic -55 to +125°C iron, ferrite -55 to +105°C

Notes * Current to cause 35°C
maximum temperature rise

Dia. for 0.1-22,000uh for 25,000-500,000uh Dimensions Inches
70F Series



L µH Q Freq. MHz I, DC*

Number ±20% Min. MHz Min. Max. mA
70F107AP 49
600 3922
70F157AP 52
490 2828
70F227AP 48
400 2294
70F337AP 47
330 1690
70F477AP 46
280 1264
70F687AP 48
240 1000
70F757AP 48
224 870
70F827AP 48
216 830
118 2041
70F126AI 45 118 1666
70F156AI 42 102 1443
89 1443
87 1132
74 1091
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