DA-70230-1 Datasheet

Model No. DA-70230-1

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DA-70230-1 DA-70230-1 DA-70230-1 (pdf)
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Super-Speed 4-Port USB Hub

User’s Manual

Model No. DA-70230-1


Thank you for purchasing the DA-70230 USB 4-Port Hub. This easy plug and play external device is a full featured Universal Serial Bus Hub. It allows your computer to connect to USB interfaces joysticks, modems, digital speakers, printers, digital cameras, monitors, and many other USB devices.


Includes 1 upstream and 4 downstream USB ports. Plug and play. Over-current detection and protection. Connects up to 127 USB devices. Supports Windows 7, Vista, XP


Ports Compliance Power

Four downstream port and one upstream port

CE emissions and FCC regulations for home/office use

Self Power 5V Adapter Input 100~240v 50Hz-60Hz Output 5V

Hardware Installation

Plug the included AC power adapter into the power jack at the rear of the USB 4 port hub and an electrical outlet.

Plug the USB A type connector into the upstream port Plug the A-type connector into a computer or USB hub downstream port Connects USB devices or hubs to the 4 port hub’s downstream 1 ~ 4 ports.

Important Note:

The Hub must be connected to a USB 3.0-compliant host in order to function in super-speed mode 5 Gbps data rate . If the Hub is connected to a USB or 1.1-compliant host, it will operate only in high-speed, full-speed or low-speed mode 480 / 12 / Mbps .

Safety Instructions

Always read the safety instructions carefully Keep this user’s manual for future reference Keep this equipment away from humidity. If any of the following situation arises, get the equipment checked by a service technician:
• The equipment has been exposed to moisture
• The equipment has been dropped and damaged
• The equipment has obvious sign of breakage
• The equipment has not working well or you cannot get it work according to this user’s manual.

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