AWP60-7541-T-R Datasheet

AWPxx-7541-T-R With Strain Relief

Part Datasheet
AWP60-7541-T-R AWP60-7541-T-R AWP60-7541-T-R (pdf)
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H3DDS-3418G H3DDS-3418G H3DDS-3418G
H1DXS-3436G H1DXS-3436G H1DXS-3436G
H3DDS-6036G H3DDS-6036G H3DDS-6036G
H3DDS-6006M H3DDS-6006M H3DDS-6006M
H3DDS-6006G H3DDS-6006G H3DDS-6006G
H3DDS-4006M H3DDS-4006M H3DDS-4006M
H1DXS-1036G H1DXS-1036G H1DXS-1036G
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H3DDS-4006G H3DDS-4006G H3DDS-4006G
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H1DXS-1636G H1DXS-1636G H1DXS-1636G
H3DDS-1018G H3DDS-1018G H3DDS-1018G
H3DDS-3406G H3DDS-3406G H3DDS-3406G
H1DXS-1036M H1DXS-1036M H1DXS-1036M
H3DDS-1036G H3DDS-1036G H3DDS-1036G
H3DDS-1006G H3DDS-1006G H3DDS-1006G
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Scale 1:1

Name Item No.



AWPxx-7541-T-R With Strain Relief

Chappell AWPxx-7540-T-R Without Strain Relief G



Title IDC-Socket, Pitch 2.54X2.54mm, Central Lug, Tin Plated

Angle ±3°


Drawing No.


Date Name


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