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SXN15 Series

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SXN15-48D05-3V3-RJ SXN15-48D05-3V3-RJ SXN15-48D05-3V3-RJ (pdf)
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SXN15 Series

Dual positive output

DC-DC CONVERTERS 15 W High Efficiency DC-DC Converters
• Two positive outputs
• Output voltage tracking
• High efficiency
• Approved to EN60950, UL/cUL1950
• Wide operating temperature up to and exceeding 65 °C
natural convection
• Up to 100% load imbalance
• Trim function
• No minimum load
• Complies with ETS 300 019-1-3/2-3
• Fully compliant with ETS 300 386-1
• Available RoHS compliant

The SXN15 is a new high efficiency open-frame isolated 15 Watt converter series. The first two models in the series feature an input voltage range of 33 Vdc to 75 Vdc and are available in output voltages of 5 V/3.3 V and V/2.5 V. The output voltage on each model is adjustable from 90% to 110% of the nominal value. Typical efficiencies for the models are 86% for the 5 V/3.3 V and 85% for the V/2.5 V version. The SXN15 series also has a remote ON/OFF capability with active high or active low logic. Overcurrent and overvoltage protection features are included as standard. With full international safety approval including EN60950 and cUL1950, the SXN15 reduces compliance costs and time to market.

All specifications are typical at nominal input, full load at 25 °C unless otherwise stated




Voltage adjustability

Both outputs
±10% min.

Voltage setpoint

Both outputs
±2% typ.

Voltage accuracy See Note 8

Both outputs
±4% max.

Output voltage Over all line and load conditions

Minimum load
5 V/3.3 V/2.5 V

V < Vo1 < V < Vo2 < V < Vo1 < V < Vo2 < V

Ripple and noise 20MHz bandwidth
140 mV pk-pk max. 50 mV rms max.

Transient response 50% to 75% to 50%

Peak dev. settling time

D05-3V3J, V01
180 mV max.

D05-3V3J, V02
100 mV max.

D3V3-2V5J, V01
150 mV max.

D3V3-2V5J, V02
100 mV max.

To no external cap.
100 µs

Short circuit protection 10 A rms Isc

Continuous automatic recovery

4 The SXN15 features ‘Active High’ Remote ON/OFF as standard. An ‘Active Low’ Remote ON/OFF version is also available. To order the ‘Active Low’ version of the SXN15-48D05-3V3J please add the suffix ‘-R’ towards the end of the part number, i.e. SXN15-48D05-3V3-RJ. As part numbers cannot exceed 18 characters when ordering the ‘Active Low’ version of the SXN15-48D3V3-2V5J please add the suffix ‘R’ towards the end of the part number, i.e. SXN15-48D3V3-2V5RJ.
5 Operating ambient temperatures are specified at natural convection. Higher operating temperatures are possible with increased airflow. See Application Note 116 for further details.
6 Measured with external filter. See Application Note 116 for further details. 7 Signal line assumed < 3 m in length. 8 This parameter is calculated at worst case line, load, temperature and
initial conditions. 9 The ‘J’ suffix indicates that these parts are Pb-free RoHS 6/6 compliant.

TSE RoHS 5/6 non Pb-free compliant versions may be available on special request, please contact your local sales representative for details.



Vo1 +

Vo2 +



Vin -

Vin +


All Dimensions in Inches [mm]


11 10

Tolerance ± ± Recommended Land & Hole Pattern
11 10

International Safety Standard Approvals UL/cUL 1950 3rd edition. File No. E135734

CAUTION Hazardous internal voltages and high temperatures. Ensure that unit is not user accessible.


TÜV Rheinland. File No. Licence No. 40004290

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