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Model ADRV-DPD1/PCBZ Description AD9375 Small Cell Radio Reference Design

Product Details

The reference design includes all components necessary for the small cell radio, from the SERDES interface right up to the antenna. The design is suitable for indoor small cells with 2x2, LTE20 250mW output power per antenna. All radio components are on board, including the AD9375 with DPD, high efficiency PAs, LNAs, Filters and a power solution. The power consumption is <10W and it comes in a very small form factor, sitting comfortably in your hand. A Single 5V supply is all that is required to power the board. Plus, it comes with an evaluation kit that connects to a baseband subsystem directly.
• Complete JESD204B to antenna design with AD9375 DPD and SKY66297-11 PA
• 2x2 LTE20, 250mW output power per antenna, Band 7 FDD
• Contains all components transceiver, PAs, LNAs, filters, power solution
• Power consumption less than 10W
• Powered from single 5V supply
• Evaluation kit connects to baseband sub-system

Applicable Parts
• AD9375
• AD9528
• ADP5054
• AD8211
• TMP36
• ADM7154

Package Contents
o ADRV-DPD1/PCBZ radio card o Interpolator card with clock solution o One 8GB SD card o RF adapters between series SMP F and SMA F o 12V 60W AC/DC external desktop Class I o Additional components need to be ordered separately Xilinx ZC706 motherboard

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