SCM201000 Datasheet

SCM Wire-to-Board Terminal Blocks Spring Clamp Wire Termination

Part Datasheet
SCM201000 SCM201000 SCM201000 (pdf)
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PDF Datasheet Preview

SCM Wire-to-Board Terminal Blocks Spring Clamp Wire Termination

SCM Horizontal

SCM Angled

SCM Vertical

SCM spring clamp terminal blocks are rated at highest in the are supplied in horizontal, angled and vertical configurations.

Two Modes of Operation

Individual spring contact clamps are depressed to insert or remove wires by either actuating a finger lever or inserting a flatbladed screwdriver in an actuation slot on the block.

SMT Compatibility

The SCM is the only spring clamp terminal block available that is suitable for SMT reflow solder PCB manufacturing processes as well as wave solder providing users with additional flexibility and maximizing production efficiencies by eliminating secondary solder operations. Blocks are molded of ultra-high-temperature, glass-filled polyamide that will withstand temperatures of 260°C during PCB production.


Contact Amphenol Pcd for color and marking options.

Catalog # Pos w/o Lever

Catalog # L

Catalog #

Lever In. Pos w/o Lever

Catalog # L

Catalog #

Lever In. Pos w/o Lever

Catalog # L Lever In.
2 SCM021000 SCM021000L 2 SCM023000 SCM023000L 2 SCM029000 SCM029000L
3 SCM031000 SCM031000L 3 SCM033000 SCM033000L 3 SCM039000 SCM039000L
4 SCM041000 SCM041000L 4 SCM043000 SCM043000L 4 SCM049000 SCM049000L
5 SCM051000 SCM051000L 5 SCM053000 SCM053000L 5 SCM059000 SCM059000L
6 SCM061000 SCM061000L 6 SCM063000 SCM063000L 6 SCM069000 SCM069000L
7 SCM071000 SCM071000L 7 SCM073000 SCM073000L 7 SCM079000 SCM079000L
8 SCM081000 SCM081000L 8 SCM083000 SCM083000L 8 SCM089000 SCM089000L
9 SCM091000 SCM091000L 9 SCM093000 SCM093000L 9 SCM099000 SCM099000L
10 SCM101000 SCM101000L 10 SCM103000 SCM103000L 10 SCM109000 SCM109000L
11 SCM111000 SCM111000L 11 SCM113000 SCM113000L 11 SCM119000 SCM119000L
12 SCM121000 SCM121000L 12 SCM123000 SCM123000L 12 SCM129000 SCM129000L
13 SCM131000 SCM131000L 13 SCM133000 SCM133000L 13 SCM139000 SCM139000L
14 SCM141000 SCM141000L 14 SCM143000 SCM143000L 14 SCM149000 SCM149000L
15 SCM151000 SCM151000L 15 SCM153000 SCM153000L 15 SCM159000 SCM159000L
16 SCM161000 SCM161000L 16 SCM163000 SCM163000L 16 SCM169000 SCM169000L
17 SCM171000 SCM171000L 17 SCM173000 SCM173000L 17 SCM179000 SCM179000L
18 SCM181000 SCM181000L 18 SCM183000 SCM183000L 18 SCM189000 SCM189000L
19 SCM191000 SCM191000L 19 SCM193000 SCM193000L 19 SCM199000 SCM199000L
20 SCM201000 SCM201000L 20 SCM203000 SCM203000L 20 SCM209000 SCM209000L


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