ELLH07210 Datasheet

10.16mm 10.0mm ELL

Part Datasheet
ELLH07210 ELLH07210 ELLH07210 (pdf)
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ELLH02140 ELLH02140 ELLH02140
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ELLP04210 ELLP04210 ELLP04210
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ELLH04240 ELLH04240 ELLH04240
ELLH04140 ELLH04140 ELLH04140
ELLH04130 ELLH04130 ELLH04130
ELLH04190 ELLH04190 ELLH04190
ELLH04290 ELLH04290 ELLH04290
ELLH04280 ELLH04280 ELLH04280
ELLH04180 ELLH04180 ELLH04180
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ELLH11160 ELLH11160 ELLH11160
ELLH11150 ELLH11150 ELLH11150
ELLH11120 ELLH11120 ELLH11120
ELLH11110 ELLH11110 ELLH11110
ELLH12120 ELLH12120 ELLH12120
ELLH12260 ELLH12260 ELLH12260
ELLH11220 ELLH11220 ELLH11220
ELLK04210 ELLK04210 ELLK04210
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product details page
10.16mm 10.0mm ELL
Available Configurations The plugs and headers available in the ELL series are listed below right. All are supplied in both and 10.0mm spacing, in 2 through 12 positions. See the Part Number Guide on this page for ordering information.

Plugs and Headers

ELLH Pin Headers Vertical and horizontal orientation, closed and open sides ELLP Plugs Wire entry parallel to board and contact. ELLT Plugs Top or bottom wire entry perpendicular to board and contact. ELLF Plugs Wire insertion and screw actuation from the front of the block, facilitating installation. ELLK Plugs 45° wire entry angle provides optimal installation and application flexibility. Options and Variations The same options and variations offered with the ELF are also available in the ELL line:
z High-temperature SMT Compatibility z Choice of Black or Green z Selective Gold Plating z Mounting Ears z Ejector Ear Headers z Marking/Label

The .400"/10.0mm ELL product line is a doublespaced version of Amphenol Pcd’s broad family of .200"/5.0mm ELF plugs and headers, offering a higher voltage the same range of configurations and accessories as the ELF line shown on pages 22 and

SPECIFICATIONS Dielectric Withstanding 3000V Current Rating 15A Operating Voltage 600V Insulation Resistance 105 Megohms Wire Pullout Force Plug Per UL 486E, Section 14

MATERIALS Housing PPO, UL 94V-0, Black or green Contact Copper alloy, optional finish Clamp Screw Steel, nickel finish Wire clamp Copper alloy, nickel finish


PLUG INSTALLATION Wire Range 12-26 AWG Wire Strip Length 14-26 AWG , 490" 12 AWG, ELLF only Recommended Tightening Torque 7 lb-in. 0.79Nm

More datasheets: ELLA14110 | ELLA14210 | ELLH07220 | ELLA06110 | ELLA06150 | ELLA06210 | ELLA06250 | ELLH07110 | ELLH07120 | ELLH07150

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