EL2M102G00 Datasheet

EL2M 2-Tier

Part Datasheet
EL2M102G00 EL2M102G00 EL2M102G00 (pdf)
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EL3M452B00 EL3M452B00 EL3M452B00
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EL2M462B00 EL2M462B00 EL2M462B00
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EL3M872G00 EL3M872G00 EL3M872G00
EL3M932B00 EL3M932B00 EL3M932B00
EL3M062B00 EL3M062B00 EL3M062B00
EL3M062G00 EL3M062G00 EL3M062G00
EL1M042G00 EL1M042G00 EL1M042G00
EL1M042B00 EL1M042B00 EL1M042B00
EL1M092G00 EL1M092G00 EL1M092G00
EL1M092B00 EL1M092B00 EL1M092B00
EL2M222B00 EL2M222B00 EL2M222B00
EL1M262G00 EL1M262G00 EL1M262G00
EL1M262B00 EL1M262B00 EL1M262B00
EL3M212G00 EL3M212G00 EL3M212G00
EL2M222G00 EL2M222G00 EL2M222G00
EL1M252G00 EL1M252G00 EL1M252G00
EL1M252B00 EL1M252B00 EL1M252B00
EL1M242G00 EL1M242G00 EL1M242G00
EL1M242B00 EL1M242B00 EL1M242B00
EL3M212B00 EL3M212B00 EL3M212B00
EL2M042B00 EL2M042B00 EL2M042B00
EL2M042G00 EL2M042G00 EL2M042G00
EL1M202G00 EL1M202G00 EL1M202G00
EL1M222G00 EL1M222G00 EL1M222G00
EL2M202G00 EL2M202G00 EL2M202G00
EL1M192G00 EL1M192G00 EL1M192G00
EL1M192B00 EL1M192B00 EL1M192B00
EL2M182B00 EL2M182B00 EL2M182B00
EL2M182G00 EL2M182G00 EL2M182G00
EL1M212B00 EL1M212B00 EL1M212B00
EL1M212G00 EL1M212G00 EL1M212G00
EL1M222B00 EL1M222B00 EL1M222B00
EL1M202B00 EL1M202B00 EL1M202B00
EL3M182B00 EL3M182B00 EL3M182B00
EL3M182G00 EL3M182G00 EL3M182G00
EL1M232B00 EL1M232B00 EL1M232B00
EL1M232G00 EL1M232G00 EL1M232G00
EL2M202B00 EL2M202B00 EL2M202B00
EL1M122G00 EL1M122G00 EL1M122G00
EL3M092G00 EL3M092G00 EL3M092G00
EL3M092B00 EL3M092B00 EL3M092B00
EL1M122B00 EL1M122B00 EL1M122B00
EL2M102B00 EL2M102B00 EL2M102B00
PDF Datasheet Preview

EL1M/2M/3M Heavy-Duty Terminal Blocks Multi-Tier, Left Offset Standard

EL1M 1-Tier

EL2M 2-Tier

E3LM 3-Tier

Heavy Duty

Multi-tier, spacing heavy duty terminal blocks are rated at 20A, and combine a larger wire accommodation range and higher current rating with the enhanced board density provided by the multi-tier design. Moving cage clamp wire termination ensures high reliability.

Catalog # Pos Black

Catalog # L

Catalog #

Green In. Pos Black

Catalog # L

Catalog #

Green In. Pos Black

Catalog # L Green In.

EL1M Modules

EL2M Modules

EL3M Modules
2 EL1M022B00 EL1M022G00 4 EL2M042B00 EL2M042G00 6 EL3M062B00 EL3M062G00
3 EL1M032B00 EL1M032G00 6 EL2M062B00 EL2M062G00 9 EL3M092B00 EL3M092G00

Interlocking Modules
Blocks are available in 1-, 2- and 3-tier configurations. Each configuration consists of precision molded 2- and 3-position-wide modules with interlocking dovetails. Modules can be easily assembled to length. Users have the option of purchasing and stocking only the 2and 3-position modules, and assembling to size in-house, in order to minimize inventory and maintain flexibility or ordering product already assembled to size.

EL1M Assemblies

EL2M Assemblies

EL3M Assemblies
4 EL1M042B00 EL1M042G00 8 EL2M082B00 EL2M082G00 12 EL3M122B00 EL3M122G00
5 EL1M052B00 EL1M052G00 10 EL2M102B00 EL2M102G00 15 EL3M152B00 EL3M152G00
6 EL1M062B00 EL1M062G00 12 EL2M122B00 EL2M122G00 18 EL3M182B00 EL3M182G00
7 EL1M072B00 EL1M072G00 14 EL2M142B00 EL2M142G00 21 EL3M212B00 EL3M212G00
8 EL1M082B00 EL1M082G00 16 EL2M162B00 EL2M162G00 24 EL3M242B00 EL3M242G00
9 EL1M092B00 EL1M092G00 18 EL2M182B00 EL2M182G00 27 EL3M272B00 EL3M272G00
10 EL1M102B00 EL1M102G00 20 EL2M202B00 EL2M202G00 30 EL3M302B00 EL3M302G00
11 EL1M112B00 EL1M112G00 22 EL2M222B00 EL2M222G00 33 EL3M332B00 EL3M332G00
12 EL1M122B00 EL1M122G00 24 EL2M242B00 EL2M242G00 36 EL3M362B00 EL3M362G00
13 EL1M132B00 EL1M132G00 26 EL2M262B00 EL2M262G00 39 EL3M392B00 EL3M392G00
14 EL1M142B00 EL1M142G00 28 EL2M282B00 EL2M282G00 42 EL3M422B00 EL3M422G00
15 EL1M152B00 EL1M152G00 30 EL2M302B00 EL2M302G00 45 EL3M452B00 EL3M452G00
16 EL1M162B00 EL1M162G00 32 EL2M322B00 EL2M322G00 48 EL3M482B00 EL3M482G00

Options and Variations

Terminations are available in black or green. Contact Amphenol Pcd for information on marking and other application-specific variations.
17 EL1M172B00 EL1M172G00 34 EL2M342B00 EL2M342G00 51 EL3M512B00 EL3M512G00 18 EL1M182B00 EL1M182G00 36 EL2M362B00 EL2M362G00 54 EL3M542B00 EL3M542G00 19 EL1M192B00 EL1M192G00 38 EL2M382B00 EL2M382G00 57 EL3M572B00 EL3M572G00 20 EL1M202B00 EL1M202G00 40 EL2M402B00 EL2M402G00 60 EL3M602B00 EL3M602G00 21 EL1M212B00 EL1M212G00 42 EL2M422B00 EL2M422G00 63 EL3M632B00 EL3M632G00 22 EL1M222B00 EL1M222G00 44 EL2M442B00 EL2M442G00 66 EL3M662B00 EL3M662G00



Current Rating 20A

Operating Voltage 300V Consult factory for specific product recognitions Insulation Resistance >105 Megohms

Dielectric Withstanding <3000V

Amphenol Pcd Wire Pullout Force Per UL 486E, Section 14


Housing PA, UL 94V-0, black or green Contact Copper alloy, tin-lead finish Clamp Screw Copper alloy, nickel finish Wire clamp Copper alloy, nickel finish


Wire Range 12-30 AWG Wire Strip Length Recommended Tightening Torque 7 lb-in. 0.79N-m Hole Diameter min.

Amphenol Pcd
• 2 Technology Drive
• Peabody, MA 01960

More datasheets: EL1M212G00 | EL1M222B00 | EL1M202B00 | EL3M182B00 | EL3M182G00 | EL1M232B00 | EL1M232G00 | EL2M202B00 | EL1M122G00 | EL3M092G00

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