961226-6804-AR Datasheet

961 Series

Part Datasheet
961226-6804-AR 961226-6804-AR 961226-6804-AR (pdf)
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961121-6804-AR 961121-6804-AR 961121-6804-AR
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961220-6404-AR 961220-6404-AR 961220-6404-AR
961116-6404-AR 961116-6404-AR 961116-6404-AR
961210-6404-AR 961210-6404-AR 961210-6404-AR
961208-6404-AR 961208-6404-AR 961208-6404-AR
961206-6404-AR 961206-6404-AR 961206-6404-AR
961112-6404-AR 961112-6404-AR 961112-6404-AR
961114-6404-AR 961114-6404-AR 961114-6404-AR
961104-6804-AR 961104-6804-AR 961104-6804-AR
961103-6804-AR 961103-6804-AR 961103-6804-AR
961104-6404-AR 961104-6404-AR 961104-6404-AR
961105-6404-AR 961105-6404-AR 961105-6404-AR
961102-6804-AR 961102-6804-AR 961102-6804-AR
961103-6404-AR 961103-6404-AR 961103-6404-AR
961106-6404-AR 961106-6404-AR 961106-6404-AR
961107-6404-AR 961107-6404-AR 961107-6404-AR
961107-6804-AR 961107-6804-AR 961107-6804-AR
961106-6804-AR 961106-6804-AR 961106-6804-AR
961105-6804-AR 961105-6804-AR 961105-6804-AR
961270-6404-AR 961270-6404-AR 961270-6404-AR
961268-6404-AR 961268-6404-AR 961268-6404-AR
961244-6404-AR 961244-6404-AR 961244-6404-AR
961246-6404-AR 961246-6404-AR 961246-6404-AR
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PDF Datasheet Preview
3M Pin Strip Header
mm and mm x mm, Straight, Solder Tail
961 Series
• High temperature dielectric
• ZaYe and reÀoZ solder compatiEle
• nd stacNaEle Ieature
• Single and dual row
• Mates with Eoardmount and wiremount products
• 5oHS &ompliant. See the ,nIormation
in the 5oHS compliance section oI Ior compliance inIormation RIA E1 & C1 apply
'ate 1oYemEer 26,


Insulation High Temperature Thermoplastic
8/ %lacN

Contact Copper Alloy

Plating m 1icNel :iping lash *old Solder Tail 1±3 m Matte Tin


Current Rating 2 A

Insulation Resistance ! 5 x 2hm at 9

Withstanding Voltage:

TS-2181-C Sheet 1 of 2


Temperature Range C to C Processing Temperature max. C per Moisture Sensitivity Level 1 per
8/ ile

Interconnect Solutions
3M is a trademark of the 3M Company For technical, sales or ordering information
call your Local 3M Service Center
3M Pin Strip Header
mm and mm x mm, Straight, Solder Tail
961 Series
Ordering Information

Rows 1 = 1 Row 2 = 2 Row

Contact Quantity Pins / 1 Row Pins / 2 Row

Interconnect Solutions
n = No. of Contacts

Tolerance Unless Noted [mm]

Nominal Size

Linear Dim

961XXX 6X04

AR RIA E1 & C1 Apply

Mating Pin Length 4 = mm 8 = mm

TS-2181-C Sheet 2 of 2
3M is a trademark of the 3M Company For technical, sales or ordering information
call your Local 3M Service Center

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